Bring on the HAPPY

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When you need to change. To transition from one state or place into another. You can either leap and pray or -you can build a bridge. I built a bridge.

Some of us dive head first off the edge into something new - crazy and free. Skidding into our graves with roasties on our knees, a glass of bubbly in one hand, strawberries in the other. 

Others prefer to lurk about in the relative safety of comfort zones knowing well that nothing grows there.

Then there is another way. More structured &  less risky than a leap, yet still with the promise of the thrill at the end. Build a bridge.

I guess much depends on your personality type but I have my suspicions that as we get older - it is less about personality type and more about flat-out fear and a deep resistance to change. 

Having been self-employed for 25 years and approaching 50, I was too terrified to acknowledge how boringly ordinary my life had become. How exhausted I was. How, what had served me so well and sustained me for so many years - no longer did either. 

I needed to find a way to pay for my bucket list dreams and live a happy and stress-free life with my partner and our family. At the rate I was going, I was going to have to work into my 100's.  I needed to find a new and a smarter way to relieve our financial stress and to take us all to our happy place. I had no option BUT to find another way. Enough.

I knew for sure that I need to transition from a linear and single income stream. Self - Employment was becoming an issue - given that I was out of gas and unable to sustain that crazy pace. You see, the problem with self- employment is the employment part of that. You are still employed and entrapped and you are certainly not free. Just try taking time off or find yourself unable to work due to ill health. If you are successful you may be financially free but you have no time freedom. Aim for both TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

We all know that the emerging economy is DIGITAL. Just look around you next time you are out at a restaurant. At a bus stop. Anywhere. Everyone is doing it. ONLINE is the way to go. Now if you are over 45 - don't freak out.



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