Rinse & Repeat

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Monday Morning Blues. I used to suffer from it terribly when I worked in the corporate world for 11 years. In fact my whole corporate career was rinse and repeat.

So what exactly do I mean by the Monday Morning Blues & what do I mean by rinse and repeat ?

Monday Morning Blues is waking up Monday morning after having the weekend off and dreading the week of work that lies ahead. I found it extremely difficult towards the end of my 11 year stint in the corporate world to even get out of bed Monday morning.

What I mean by rinse and repeat is this. Monday to Friday everyday seemed to blur into one. Wake up, get ready for work, fight traffic. struggle to be on time. Meeting first thing. Hit the phone. Cold call. Book meetings. Chase KPI's, attend meetings. Follow up on potential clients. Internal meetings. Corporate Politics. After work networking functions. Arrive home exhausted, have a few beers then collapse into bed.

I would live for Friday night, come Friday afternoon 5pm it was Beer o'clock and I was ready to party ! To celebrate 63 hours off from the world. That usually would involve drinks with colleagues and later with friends. One too many beers, next day waking up to a hangover.

Then Sunday would roll around and all day I couldn't get out of my mind how I had to go back to work tomorrow. So essentially you might get Friday night and Saturday off from work but Sunday's I could never really enjoy as much as I tried as the dread of work and running the hamster wheel always brought me down.

Often I thought to myself, there must be more to life than this ? Surely we were not put on this planet merely to work, consume, obey, drink and be confined to an office for over 40 hours a week ?

It took me 11 years to finally break free of the shackles. Life is simple choice and no one but me made the decision to tolerate the corporate environment as long as I did. I often had a colleague or Managers say, there are no bars on the windows and we are free to leave when ever we want.

So why did I stay in that type of environment I clearly didn't enjoy for so long ?

After High School with not particulary good grades I scrapped my way into Univerisity. There I didn't excel either until my very last semester when I was motivated to complete my degrees to get out of Adelaide and go travel the world.

I think because I only ever did sales, for 11 years. I had the business marketing degrees. I convinced myself this is all I knew how to do and what I was only good at work wise. I didn't really believe I could just change industries without education, degrees and experiences. I certainly didn't consider starting a business. I felt stuck.

So it was the middle of 2016 when I decided to change all this. I decided enough was enough ! I quit my corporate job and vowed never to return to that line of work ever again.

I had no plans, no ideas. I just needed to get out. I needed to feel that sweet taste of freedom.

I went over to Kangaroo Island in the middle of winter to clear my head.

I returned to Melbourne slightly refreshed yet with still no idea what to do work wise.

After lenghty conversations with my wife. After I was convinced she was worried I wanted to go full blown hippy and not work at all.

She told me she had discovered an Online Business Educational Platform and Business System. She had seen an advert by Stuart Ross, the Co-Founder of the Six Figure Mentors and suggested I take a look. I was immediately hooked, yet like most of us who first come across this type of opportunity I thought it was too good to be true. Work from my laptop anywhere in the world, be geographically free. Work for myself. No more working for a Boss and making other people rich. No more fighting traffic, no more dealing with office politics. No more begging my Boss for my much deserved annual 4 weeks holidays.

Finally this was the solution I was looking for. This was my ticket to FREEDOM !

Of course at the start there is much to learn and it takes time, effort and disipline to set up your Online Business. First of all I had to learn what Affiliate Marketing was. I had to learn how to advertise on Social Media. I had to learn how to set up the Online Business itself. All of this was new to me. It took time and it wasn't easy but everyday I was learning so much.

Finally I had found something I was passionate about ! I woke up everyday after sleeping in excited to work on my Online Business.

My Life changed in so many ways for the better. I got back into regular exercise I had neglected for so long. I reduced my drinking. I went out less and stopped wasting money. I changed my mind set around money and learnt what it truly meant to think like an Entrepreneur. The whole concept of you need to spend money to make money. How you need to see a return on Investment for your hard work.

Best of all I was doing everything from the comfort of my own home. I was free.

Fast forward a year later. I'm now travelling South East Asia with my wife, working from my laptop. My Business is growing month after month. I'm reaping the rewards of that hard work I put in at the start to get the business up and running. I have already been travelling 5 weeks and plan to travel for a couple more months yet. Already longer than the standard 4 weeks you get in a corporate job.

Best of all its a lifestyle Business. I'm doing work I'm extremely passionate about and I get paid doing what I love !

This is my story, everyone has their own story. If your happy and passionate about what you do each day and are excited every day you wake up in the morning doing what you are doing. That is a true gift.

Not all of us are that lucky and many of us are stuck in jobs they don't like.

If my story can add any value to anyone reading it who might feel stuck, just know this. There are other opportunities in life and your destiny is not pre written based on past experiences. You have the ability to change your existence and find something that your passionate about. I can tell you this from experience because when you do , the work your doing suddenly won't feel like work anymore because you are doing what you love !

Mark Panico

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