What Are the Probabilities of Succeeding in Business?

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"Don't worry about failure, you only have to be right once." - Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO.

When it comes to the idea of succeeding in any area of our life, it is very unusual that we succeed in everything we do. From my own experience, there are many things I set out to do but didn't complete. 

In my younger days, I said yes to everything. I always started with very good intentions, and in each of them, I encountered different challenges, lessons, and at the same time, exciting moments. 

These days I appreciate much more my time, and I get more focus on the task at hand. I indeed ask myself, especially if it is going to be more challenging if I am truly committed to going ahead. 

One thing I learned, as the years went by, was to get into the habit of checking out with myself if I am really committed and what is going to take to succeed. It didn't matter if it was a relationship, exercise, diet or business.

When it comes to starting a business, statistics from the Small Business Association (SBA) state that:

  • 30% of new companies fail during the first two years of being open.
  • 50% during the first five years.
  • 66% during the first ten years.

These statistics show that businesses failed but not people. Those businesses became part of those statistics as people didn't continue through the original ideal. 

As we go along, we find that our circumstances change. Our early experiences teach us valuable lessons, and we get a clearer vision of what is best for our family and us. 

If you start a business and you find that in the first year is not working out for you, or you are not getting the results you want, maybe is because you are not aligned with your vision or future, and you decide to move on. We all go through that stage, and when that happens, we go on to the next.

To avoid becoming another statistic, it would be of value to us to make sure that what we do, we really commit to it. One commonality of people who succeed in life and in business are those who are consistent and persistent in taking action towards the goals they have.

When we are committed to something, and we don't quit, we don't fail. It doesn't matter if it takes us two, three, four, five years.

When we really make the commitment to succeed, we get clear on what we want, we have the patience and dedication to learn the skills and mindset and find a mentor who is going to enable us to make that vision a reality. 

As we go through different experiences, new ideas are more appealing to us, we have a more unique and bigger vision, we learn new skills as we go through that journey, it is then that we start creating our own life

My preferences became clear when I was still living with my parents.  My dad wanted to start a traditional business. He always worked in retail and when an opportunity presented to him to buy a hardware store he didn't hesitate. His dream became a reality and took that business to great success.

However, I could also see the struggle he had with staff, the debt he got into to buy large amounts of merchandise, the constant search to find suppliers who would give him a reasonable price for him to get a good return on investment and the countless debts that the previous owner left for him to pay. 

He was so dedicated to his business that we hardly saw him. My brothers are now the owners of that business, and they barely spend time with their families. Having lived this experience, I decided not to get involved in a traditional business. 

However, I am aware that to enjoy financial freedom, it is essential to get into a business. So when my very good friend invited me to look at her Network Marketing opportunity, I joined. I benefited from several aspects of that business model, but I found that approaching friends and family, attending networking meetings, home parties, cold calling, one on one sessions and shipping products were not my thing.

However, those experiences served me to clarify what I wanted. Travelling is essential because I have family all over the world, so I was searching for a flexible business that allows me to take it with me anywhere I go and provide me with an exciting lifestyle and financial freedom. 


I decided to go into Affiliate Marketing because of the flexibility it offers. I am able to do it from my laptop from anywhere in the world which is a crucial requirement for me.

When people ask if Affiliate Marketing is easy, it is relevant to the person they ask. Most of them will say that it is a simple business, but there is a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, one could say it is easy. But it comes back to everyone's level of expertise. That stated it applies to any kind of business. 

Others will say, it is not easy, they might be making some progress, but they advise you to prepare for a steep long hard learning curve. 

When you ask questions, you've got to be very careful not to take other people's perspective and then try to make them your own. Because if you ask someone that says it is straightforward and then you get started, and within a few months you are finding challenging, you will start questioning yourself. 

When I heard about business online, I was very sceptical of the different things I was reading about. I was sceptical about how people were making a fabulous amount of money. The best action for me was to do my own due diligence and make up my own mind. I avoided looking for too many other perspectives from a diverse range of people. 

Whoever goes into business, whether it is Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, selling physical products, a local company, Network Marketing or online marketing, you've got to make up your own mind regarding the type of business you want to build. The type of results you are looking for and the kind of lifestyle you want to create.

And as you get clear of the vision you want to create, make an informed decision. Ask yourself, Is it worth my time? Is it worth the effort of getting into it? Do I want to attend seminars and courses? Do I want to invest in educational programs? Whatever you decide to do, there is only one ingredient, and that is undeviating and persistent action.

I must admit that it has been a steep curve for me, but now I don't have any more excuses, I just put in the work, energy and effort. 

Nobody can't accurately say if the journey for you is going to be easy or straightforward, nobody knows what the chances of success will be for you, but remember, there is one commonality with the people that succeed whether is fast or slow, and that is they are relentless and adamant toward moving in the direction of their goals.

The brilliant thing about today's world is that there are so many ways to do something. Once you have digital skills, there are so many business models that you can go into.

One thing that really excites me is the fact that people who started with Affiliate Marketing and learned how to sell something online and provided value, have created the energy, desire and motivation to keep on going. They are more creative and are moving to other types of businesses, among them coaching, servicing or agencies.  

I must admit that at first, it is overwhelming, so much information and choices making it difficult to know where to begin, but once you define your clear vision and commit to that vision, you will find the answers. 

What about yourself? What are your aspirations? How do you see the future for yourself? Please share your comments below.

With much appreciation,



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