WWW. World Wide Web. A new country of the future - or the present?

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The web is the future. Everything will be happening with the aid of www. Business, health, self-help- it’s already all up there. The World Wide Web is changing how we think, act and live. This Web is reaching into the lives of every person. It’s the Web I desperately want to be part of.


July 9th, 2017

A beautiful sunny Sunday free of New Jersey's notorious summer humidity. It is hard to recall the details of the day but I remember one thing very clearly.

I'm in my garden tending the tomatoes. They grew too tall and they are falling all over. I am listeningundefined to a lecture on YouTube via my phone. It’s over so I search for a new video. A lovely male voice starts talking about his young family and their lifestyle. It sounds so good that it makes me pause in my gardening and I look at the screen. As I watch I realize that it is an advertisement but I am hooked, I am watching it to the end. I click the add link and get to the promotional site. I read it, like it and I sign up. And that changes my life in a profound way.

Today I am a proud member of the same group that lovely couple was advertising

SFM stands for six-figure mentors. It is an educational platform teaching me (and anybody else who signs up) how to become a successful online entrepreneur. Marketing, blogging, affiliate programs ext. This platform is my “dream come true”. I have been trying for years to put my physical therapy knowledge onto the web. The best is that I am part of a group that has one thing on their mind. How to help me succeed my way.

SFM is a very well thought-out platform, program, and community. It's like a deep well, knowledge is endless and it’s never drying up. Every week I find something new, something extremely valuable. There is so much information, tools a year would not be enough to learn it all.

Despite the enormous knowledge bank, the real value is the SFM community

SFM’s teaching platform is a community of all who had succeeded with SFM. It is a social network of online entrepreneurs who after establishing themselves continuously give back to the community as leaders! With SFM I can talk to real people and get help at the level I am!

With SFM I am optimistic about my online success

Today, 6 weeks later, on August 21st, I am proud to say that with the aid of SFM, I have two blogs set up with one post each. I have a new mindset, I am confident, optimistic. I know what to do, I am lost in the sea of knowledge, not in the sea of confusion, despair, and frustration.

I am excited to know that success is inevitable. Inevitable because IF I follow the personalized instructions I will succeed. My dream of reaching parents via the world wide web will be a reality in the upcoming year!

WWW, here I come!


Let's Dance,



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