A Well-Balanced Financial Blueprint Includes Money To Enjoy Life

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Should you spend your money to spoil yourself and your family when you are not earning enough money, and your expenses are too high?

The fact is that if we want to have a well-balanced and successful financial blueprint, it must include an allocation of money to enjoy.

I came from a family who was very cautious with money, and that pattern continued in my married life. My husband prefers to live frugally rather than enjoying comfort, but after years of choosing to do without, I decided it was time to have some pleasures in life.

As I am his carer and in charge of all the money management at home, I wanted to act responsibly with our money, so I decided to attend a money management course.

So What Is The Most You Should Be Spending On Leisure Activities?


For most of us, 5-10% of our income, after taxes and other deductions, is a healthy amount of money to allocate as a starting point.

For example, if you take home $3000 each month, $300 is the amount to allocate for fun and entertainment for the whole month.

The question is whether you want to exercise self-discipline and use it for something more meaningful in life; such as a first-class flight, a designer outfit, a five-star accommodation or going out to restaurants, bars, movies, massage, or a video game.

Having a controlled amount of money to enjoy while attaining our financial goals, help us avoid burnout and nurture a healthy relationship with money.

In the course, the facilitator suggested a specific percentage instead of a certain amount so that every single person, regardless of the amount of money they earn, can follow an effective management system.

Examine Your Money Belief System

According to Abraham-Hick, the journey to financial Well-Being is the absolute correlation between the thoughts you have been thinking about money.

If you feel negative emotion and you think you cannot afford something you want is one way of understanding the balance of your thoughts, and the amount of abundance that you are experiencing.

It is of value for you to become aware of how you are thinking and, more important, feeling about money.

If you feel good about money, you will manage it well, and the Universe will provide more of it.

The subject of money is really two subjects:

  • Money, plenty of money, the feeling of freedom and ease that plenty of money can provide.
  • Absence of money, not nearly enough money, the sense of fear and disappointment that the thought of lack of cash induces.

You want to shift the balance of your thoughts regarding money to a place where you can begin to let more money flow easily into your experience.

Feeling good about money and using that money to enjoy is a fantastic way to begin to change your beliefs about money.

With time, you can replace them with more empowering beliefs that are based on abundance.

All that is required is that you achieve a healthy balance in your thoughts and align with your actions.

When we buy or experience things that bring us joy, we feel good that we have responsibly used that money, and we will see the benefits of sticking to our financial goals.

The Quickest Way To Do Well With Your Money Is To Manage Well What You Have.

Most of us dream of achieving financial freedom, but after covering our most basic needs, like housing, car, food, utilities, and other obligations, we feel disheartened to see what is left.

We become rigid around our money, and sooner or later, we rebel against our financial plan. We sabotage ourselves and undo any progress we may have made.

To achieve anything we want, we need to create the habit of managing our money well, the habit is more important than the amount.

By creating the habit of managing your money first and putting aside only 10% of your income, you will find that it gets easier to manage other expenses you have and enjoy the small little pleasures.

Doing something that brings you joy will also give you a lot more pleasure. For example, giving back to others and the community is another way to feel good about your money.

Jump Into Entrepreneurial Opportunities To Generate More Income


Instead of holding back from all the good that we desire, we could think of ways to generate more income.

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities available to almost anyone.

The extra income you earn may make a difference in your happiness – perhaps travel and see the world, eat delicious food and fine wine, go to the theatre, the opera, concerts or festivals.

If you think like an entrepreneur, you will always look for ways to give value to others, and the financial rewards will come your way.

If one of your passions is to help individuals achieve their lifestyle goals, and you are looking to create a life and business that you love, a digital marketing education might be the answer.

Getting the education and acquiring the skills required to be self-independent and autonomous not only will benefit you but your community and those around you.

If you want to make a difference and want to work with a community of visionaries who want to wake up millions of people realise the enormous potential that lies within themselves, I invite you to check this video that explains how it can be done.

This short video will show you how to apply and leverage the potential in the new digital economy and transition to a life of freedom and total control.

More than likely, it is probably not dollar signs that stand in the way, but to find a more effective way to help others achieve a better quality of life and learn how to live your life more in harmony with the natural Laws of the Universe.

I hope this short article has been of value to you, and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts and your successes in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

To Your Success,


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