Affiliate Business or not


Affiliate Business or not. Different business models and different things you have to take into account when you start or expand your business.

There is a lot to consider, but first of all you have to look at your interests and in what area you like to operate in. But also to some extent your knowledge and contacts. But I would say that your passion has to come first.

Business models

If you are thinking of doing everything solo or teaming up with sommeone, there is one other area you have to consider at least know about. There are different types of business models to consider. For example you can have your own business and build everything from start. It´s very gratifying and rewarding but it also takes time and a lot of effort. I have done it myself and you live for your business. In my case I got so consumed by the business that it started to feel lonely.

Productline and commission

If you choose to be an affiliate, part time or full time, in your business with someone else´s products and earn commission. It means you have your own business but are paid in commission. Being an affiliate also means you don´t have to think about the productline or developing a new product, it´s taken care of.

Education and community

For me one of the goodies are not being alone. You are in a community and can interact and develop together. The affiliate company likes to promote education to become better at your affiliate mission. I have run into quite a few who arrange mastermind and mindsetting calls not just to have better affiliates but they see the potential in these business man/women and like them to develop.

Your affiliate products and your own products

The affiliate business model online have another upside, as I see it. You can be an affiliate part time or full time. Since you have your own business, you can also have other products you work with apart from your affiliate products. That´s a bonus. If you like to have a look at the affiliate company I found and if that is something for you. Here is a link. Enjoy!

All the best- Mikaela  

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