Analogy Of The Little Red Engine to Business Success

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Your Obstacles Too

I’ve just been going through a period of feeling quite overwhelmed by things. Does that sound familiar? We all go through these periods from time to time in our pursuit of business success. But the question is how do we overcome this feeling? How do we address that current state of mind?

It’s quite funny in some way. I was trying to overcome that overwhelmed feeling and thinking about how to overcome this obstacle, when an old mantra came into my head from one of those old kid’s stories from the past.

The Story

That was an old story of my childhood, the story of a little red engine that was desperately trying to make it over a hill (business obstacles) to deliver toys to children (financial freedom to you and I) on the other side and that chant of “I think I can, I think I can”.

I had a real giggle and chuckled to myself at this as this mantra was going through my head, which I was turning around to “I know I can, I know I can”. This made me take time to watch the little engine story and saw the analogy, the parallels to succeeding in business.

Here are some of those parallels that bought a smile to my face and put me back on track that day.

The little train was flying merrily across the country with a load of toys for the children on the other side of the mountain.

  • The toys – Financial Freedom
  • The other side of the mountain – Our goal

Squealing along the tracks, leaving the rails humming and singing with such a happy train of cars.

This an analogy to how most of our days are or should be, working towards our goals.

But all of a sudden right at the foot of the mountain, things started to go wrong and the engine broke down. 

Sound Familiar? – It’s those days when things just don’t go according to plan and overwhelm take over.

Your Mindset

Now how was the train going to cross the mountain and get the toys to the children?

That’s when we need to dig deep, find the solution, persevere, never give up and maintain your purposes. Sometimes we need a little help with this and if you don’t have the fall back like some of these tools below, then it can become even more difficult. 

Now when we feel we can’t, that’s when we need to say to ourselves repeatedly, whilst looking into the mirror, changing it a little from the story to “I know I can, I know I can”.

Some tools to help Mindset Development

The Little Voice and Little Voice Mastery

Mind Movies

Cybernetic Transposition

A number of trains came along but were not able or happy to help. Until after some time a happy little engine came along that was happy to

And who is this little engine that came to my assistance?

… The Six Figure Mentors (SFM)?

The little train started to tug and pull and pretty soon the train of cars began to move again.

What does that mean for us? Well with the perseverance, the assistance (SFM) and the correct mindset we can overcome the overwhelm, the obstacles and any problems and start to moving again positively toward our goal of business success.

Reaching the top of the mountain the little train blew its whistle with joy, looking into the distance she could see the big city where the children lived.

Does this sound familiar when you overcome your obstacles? You feel great again, right? And you can now see your goal again with clarity.

The Lesson

As this cute story ends, it states an important lesson. 

We can learn one big important lesson from the little engine in times like these, which is relevant to both you and I.

That is: There are many things we can do if only we would say “I think I can” or as I have twisted it a little to, “I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN”!

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