Are You Pigeonholing Your Chances of Success Online?

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Have you looked into the different business opportunities available online yet? 

(Considering you're reading this now, you bloody should have, otherwise waste your time elsewhere)
There's a shit tonne of them and the majority are legit ways of sacking off your daily grind, 9-5 ball breaking bullshit.
Yet so many people get bogged down with the first major component of growing a business (not just an online one either).
To be honest with you, traffic's just a blanket term online for "exposure". 
In other words if you're starting a business, let's say, a dry cleaners, the first thing you need to do before you can ever expect to earn a penny is getting eyeballs on your business, so to speak.
The adage of "build it and they will come" is utterly flawed in today's economy. You have to build, promote the fuck out of it, ATTRACT people, and they will (eventually) buy.
You could be an absolutely amazing web designer, but it matters none if nobody's heard of you. 

You could be the best coach in the world in your industry, but if you don't get eyeballs on your "stuff", IE your content, you're never gonna have a business, let alone one that gives you peace of mind no matter what the state of the economy.
So, you understand that you need traffic, but before you go out there and just start throwing money, or even worse TIME at different tactics, you have to understand two things:
1. WHO you're wanting to help (like, to the point of knowing what their favourite movie is)
2. WHERE you're most likely to find them
Once you understand these principles, you can begin the process of finding those people who you're looking to serve in one way or another, and begin to build a long-lasting relationship with them using the many tools available to you in this digital age.
(As an aside - you can also do this offline and go "old school", which is becoming extremely effective again due to the cluttered world of online marketing... I'll cover all this in another email)
Okay, so you understand that you need traffic, and you know who they are and where you'd likely find them hanging out.
Now here's the biggest, monumental fuck up that I see so many budding business owners make right out the gate...
They don't diversify their traffic sources.
In other words, they rely on one advertising method.
Let me share a little story with you that proves this is the WORST thing you can do with your business.
Right, meet a buddy of mine, his name's Eugene (that's actually his real name so don't laugh, poor sod)
Eugene once spoke to me about his business (the one and last time I'll ever speak to him about it because it pisses me off so much), and we spoke about how he was crushing it with "Flakebook"... I mean Facebook.
He was getting extremely cheap clicks and as a result, his cost per acquisition was pretty low too.

In other words, he was getting customers extremely cheaply, around £10 a customer as I recall, which was a massive 100% return on his investment.

On the surface this looks great, problem is his business was built on quick sand. In other words, he was building a business with only one method of attracting new customers.

I warned him about this and asked if he'd try at least a couple of other lead sources, maybe even come offline and utilise some direct mail, or something similar.

"Nahhh I don't need to advertise anywhere else, I get loads of leads and customers from Facebook, not to mention I get a high rate of referrals too". 
Ahhhh Eugene, more, fool, you.

After a slightly heated discussion, I decided to concede and let him do whatever the fuck he wanted (it's pointless arguing when someone's already set in their ways).
Anyway long story short, about 6 months down the line, Eugene was on the verge of having his whole business wiped out.
The dreaded Facebook slap.
You see Facebook had reviewed their policies and their algorithms, and decided they were no longer going to allow business owners like Eugene to use the emotionally driven advertisements that he'd so rigidly stuck to.
So as a result, 90% of his campaigns were shut down and I believe after resubmitting them, they simply decided to shut down his account altogether.
So Eugene had no other choice than to advertise elsewhere for the time-being.
So, moral of the story is this...
If you wanna grow a successful business that delivers you a predictable, and reliable income so you can quit your job, you absolutely MUST diversify your advertising.
So my question to you is this - do you wanna know how the pro's do it?
You'd be a special sort of muppet if you didn't.
You can get a crash course on this stuff by registering for the Six Figure Mentors on-demand, online business building workshops.
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Talk soon,
P.S - So many people search for the "magic bullet", and it's sort of become a marketing gimmick now to edge against it and damn it to hell.
And there's good reason for this!
If you're sick to death of the zombie morning commute, the boss constantly on your arse micromanaging you to death, and the ever looming possibility that you may just be "let go" at any moment...
The LAST thing you want is some fat cat ad platform pulling the rug out from under your feet when you're trying to start your online business.
You need stability to make it work.
And that's what myself and the SFM teach, proven principles and strategies to guide you to a sustainable online income, not a business that could fold in the slightest storm.
You can discover these principles and strategies when you register for the FREE workshops.

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