Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Blogging

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It can be daunting starting up an online business and the idea of blogging and email marketing can be terrifying.  When I started a year ago, I remember thinking what can I talk about, I’ve just started, I’ve not made any money, who’s interested what I’ve got to say?  “What if get a nasty reply"?

I’ve come from a field sales background and can remember going to various training courses, where they were trying to teach how to deal with "Mr Customer".  In every scenario “Mr Customer", was the most cruel and nastiest, individual on the planet. 

I  remember new starts coming out of these courses absolutely terrified to go near a customer, it used to make me laugh because that's exactly how I felt, when I first started. Just remember that Mr Customer is  a human being like you and me and the majority of the time, is pleasant and nice which is no different to the people on your list.

As far as having nothing to say because you have just started, the very fact that you have started gives you something to talk about.  There are foundations that need to be put in place before you start blogging and email marketing – share that . What made you start in the first place, what steps have you taken to start?  what are you learning?

So whether you've just started or  are three months, six months or a year  or more down the line, you are that length of time ahead of them.  Evrything you’ve learnt in that time, is of value to them.  

They are ordinary people like you and me and are trying to find a solution to a problem they have.   Building a list of subscribers is the backbone to your business, you build a list through advertising online and giving away something of real value in exchange for their email address.

The benefit of doing that is that you have a list of people who have shown an interest in your product or service and you can keep in touch with them through email marketing.  If you think of a traditional business, someone comes into your shop and leaves without buying anything, you will then have no contact with them unless they come back to your shop.  

This way you can keep in touch with your potential customers. Without a list of subscribers you have nobody to promote to.  You have to build a relationship with these people.  So how do you do that? When someone first subscribes to your list, you can use an automated email system where you can send out a series of emails, on a daily basis giving a huge amount of value.  You would start the email series, with an introduction; let the subscriber know what they will get and then end the series with an email with a call to action for them to buy your product or service.  

There are many different automated email systems, I use Aweber and find it very easy to use.  Within the Six Figure Mentors the emails containing a video series about the SFM are all provided for you.   This is a great progam if you want to earn commission by promoting their products while you learn how to build your business. Some of your subscribers will buy your product during or after the email series.  Many won’t so this is where the relationship building comes in, but also you want your existing customers to buy other products from you.

In my role as Account Manager in the corporate world that involved finding customers, building relationships with them and selling more products to them.  I’ve customers going back 20+ years that I have built a relationship with. 

The concept was easy for me to understand but the fact that the relationship building is done through emails and blogs I struggled with at first.   However after going through the training with the SFM, it’s actually not that different at all.   Put yourself in the subscribers situation, what would you want to know, what are their fears, what would be useful to them.  You main aim is to get them to know like and trust you.  Lets face it you wouldn’t buy something from someone you didn’t trust or like, so why would they? Think about the things that concern you and talk about that.  For me when I started, my biggest fear was at the age of 52 with online skills which I could only describe as shocking, would I be able to do it?  

I wasn’t even on facebook and I don’t have any kids to learn from!  However I needn't have worried, the training I get in the SFM is second to none and I also have mentors. The  support system is godsend as although I know a lot more than I did when I started I still have a long way to go.  They have a live chat support system which is brilliant.  

Don’t beat yourself up because you’ll never know it all as technology is constantly changing. Your job is to become a successful online marketer not a technical whiz kid. Just talk about the  things  you've encountered and when I say talk I mean in a way you would if you were talking to someone face to face. 

Always remember that your subscribers are real people with real problems to be solved. Take some ideas  from: Information Education Inspiration Entertainment   When you are building an online business, you are dealing with these on a daily basis, talk about what you have learned what you doing, how you do do it?, your struggles, your successes, books your reading, webinars you’ve listened to, what it’s like working for home?, what the distractions are? - the list is endless.   The most important thing is to be honest and be yourself.  

I’ve made many mistakes and will make many more.  In the beginning I sent out emails, without headings, with the wrong links .  The first time I did it I came out in a cold sweat wondering what people would think of me and beating myself up about how stupid I was. Bearing in mind that having just started there were hardly any people on the list anyway!  I always apologised owned up and it wasn’t a problem.  It’s no different to dealing with people face to face if you own up and apologies when you muck up people are fine with that.  Nobody’s perfect and they don’t expect you to be.  

I hope that's been useful and allayed any fears you have.  People want too know how to do things and more importantly how can they do it?   

Alison Boulton
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