3 Sales Closing Techniques That Always Work

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Mastering sales closing techniques makes the process to become a pure formality

To know the three core sales closing techniques will help you never again to feel afraid of the closing.

Yes, I say “afraid” because when the customer literally asks for a closing, and you don’t know to handle the situation correctly, it’s quite common not to close the sales. Not because you don’t want to sell but the scarcity to lose the sale.

See Wendy Connick’s article “Why You're Afraid to Ask for the Sale”, explaining the scarcity in an excellent way.

Due to the absence of knowledge of the necessary sales closing techniques, you go around like a headless hen doing anything but a serious try to close the deal. Many sales have been lost due to this sad reality.

There are many examples of how to not do the closing, and one is worse than the other. Take a look at Geoffrey James article “5 Closing Techniques that are Obsolete”, and you will know what I mean.

But from now and onwards, there will be a change. In fact, knowing how to manage the sales closing techniques will dramatically increase your closing rate.

If a poor sales performance, the customer will always feel that you are after his or her money. If the client perceives that feeling, well, then you probably can guess what will happen. Yes, the money purse will be hidden in a safe place, and it will cost a lot of effort to even come close to purchase.

Instead, forget about the sale and try to achieve a customer who will be happy with the purchase decision to be taken. Professional and efficient sales closing techniques are all about helping the customer to decide to buy.

Trust Is The Key To All Successful Sales Closing Techniques


All serious and successful sales are based on trust. To build up the necessary trust with your customer, it’s important to complete a few other steps correctly before the closing phase starts. “How To Build Trust”, love this basic article about trust building.

Read and get refreshed the topics revealed in the following previous articles about sales technique:

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These articles will teach you how to go from a “cold” customer prospect to an interested customer ready for the purchase.

Watch the video and learn the three easy steps to never again struggling with your sales closing techniques. Become a guru in sales and close sales with professionalism and elegance.

To Learn Effective Sales Closing Techniques By Practicing


New skills don’t need to be difficult to learn, but without practicing the results never will show up.

As you can notice from the sales closing techniques in the video, they can be applied in any situation where a choice is involved. In fact, without even knowing it, you are selling every day.

By practicing you will soon become a master.

Every situation is different, and every closing requires a different technique or a combination of the various sales closing techniques.

By learning and practicing the three sales closing techniques explained in the video, you will cover most possible sales closing situations.

Sales are always sales, no matter if it is the traditional retail way or through online marketing. The sales closing techniques work for any scenario or sales channel.

Now when you know how to get customers to buy from you, you need to set up your own business and put it all in practice. Do it part time, or full time, without any own product to sell and with a complete system to automate the whole business.

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And don’t worry about the technical stuff. It’s all handled for you, with a complete training and coaching backing you up during your “journey” to become an independent and successful online entrepreneur and business owner.


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