Declutter to make space

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Have you noticed how much easier it is to have clearer thoughts and concentrate, if you have decluttered your space.

Say YES to declutter

There is a saying that your mind is like your desk. Clutter on your desk- clutter in your mind. Clean desk - Clean mind. I tend to agree. If you have a lot of stuff around it´s easy to be distracted and your mind start to wonder off. For me the same goes for emails and files on the computer. 

If you take the thought of decluttering a step futher, it´s about not having so much stuff. You know, things you save for a rainy day. Things that go under the cathegory "good to have some day". if you are honest- when have that "some day" ever appeared.

My dream...

I have a dream I hope I can realize someday. I like to live on a boat, for more than one reason. First of all, the space is very limited so you can only have the most important things with you. How liberating! Then there are all the other reasons for example being able to move around and taking your home with you.

The Minimalists blog

The Minimalists blog, their perspective of owning things are really liberating and it makes it easier to declutter. Read about them: They will inspire you to go into decluttering mode.

Hope your thoughts will be clear today and I wish you all the concentration you need.

Have a great day- Mikaela

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