Do You Have Your Why - The Purpose Of Your Life?

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Why do you do what you do? Did you choose your job according to your passions or did you just go with the flow?

By the flow, I mean the rules of society. You know how it normally goes. First, you study to get a good job. Then you get a good job and work for the next 40-50 years. No matter if you like what you do or not.

What matters is that they pay you well, you have enough to pay your bills, to go on holiday once or twice a year, to afford a new car and to provide for your family. You are on the boat flowing down the stream.

But does it have to be this way?

Do you have to follow this system and structure of society?

Or do you have a choice? The choice to live your life, not the life prescribed for you.

What is your WHY?

Are you living the life of your dreams?

Big congratulations if you can honestly answer yes!!!

And good news for those who:

  • struggle to find the place in this world
  • are always searching for something, something more liberating
  • are trying to find true happiness and purpose of life.

There is always a different way. You can create your own life. You are the only one responsible or only one to blame for how you live.

To find this new, non-traditional way, you need to be clear on your WHY, your purpose of life.

Do you Have your WHY?

I'll give you an example based on a true story.

My why has always been - be happy, enjoy the life, smile and spread these all around.

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to have a job which I love. My goal was to enjoy what I do, to serve the others and have fun.

First, I wanted to be an air hostess. To fly the world and meet a variety of people. Then, to be a world best skier or a circus artist.

It was always about people, travelling and sports. I became a teacher. I loved this profession. Teaching and leading young generation, seeing the results of what I was giving and what I was given in return was fulfilling.

However, daily timetable, commuting, teacher's meetings, those were not my things.

I moved to the private sector. I became a self-employed tutor. My students were coming to me, income increased. But still, it was not it. Something was missing.

I did put my travel shoes on. London, full of opportunities caught my attraction. To my teacher status, I added coaching. Starting in the gym as a PT, step by step adding Pilates, yoga, gymnastics, nutrition, well-being, mindset. The fitness industry offered a million of options for self-development, I thought this is my final station.

However, I hate the miserable weather in London. I had to find the way to escape. To the mountains. Remember? I wanted to be a skier champion. Too late for that now but still not too late to become an instructor.

Following my passions, constantly investing into my education, attending seminars, mingling with same minded people I opened the door to my secret chamber.


I heard it million times but never paid enough attention. Until I realised that this is the next stage to be taken in my life. To step up to the next level. To become an online authority. To share all my experience, expertise with every one of you.

How? Simply on the Internet. No commuting, no fixed timetable, no time or location restrictions.

Let me invite you into my world. See for yourself if this online entrepreneurship can be something for you. Something that can improve the quality of your life.

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Have a beautiful day.

With love