Everything Is Possible Part 2 - HOW?

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A Protocol Of 8 Simple Steps How To Make Anything You Want Possible.

Last week I told you my story named Everything Is Possible. Today I'm going to share with you a step by step guide how to make it happen.

How to make the impossible possible. This protocol can be used anytime with anything.

STEP 1 - What do you want? 

The most important question to ask yourself and to honestly answer. Do you really know what it is you want?

Schedule yourself some time in your diary. Ideally a few hours. Spend it in a non-disruptive environment with a pen and paper ideally. The laptop screen can be taking your focus away.

Then, brainstorm. Think about various areas of your life. What do you want to achieve? In your career, health, relationships or in your own personal time? Where are you heading? Put all the ideas down, no matter how silly or unimportant they might be.

As your brainstorming is over, read aloud what you have written down. Choose one area of your life, which seems to be the most important to take action about.

STEP 2 -  What do you say to yourself about this area?

When you have selected the one, which matters the most at the moment you are going to brainstorm again. This time put down all about this specific area. Your thoughts, emotions both positive and negative, your excuses. Maybe your fears that are stopping you from taking action.

Imagine how you would feel or what would change when this task will be accomplished. Afterwards, compare with the present situation. List pros and cons.

STEP 3 - Get clear

Using the notes you have taken, frame a clear idea what it is you are going to achieve. Include as many details as possible. Look at the matter from each side and do not forget to add feelings. Finally, set up a goal. Be clear and simple.

To become organised and consistent, I recommend following the SMARTER goal formula = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-framed, Enjoyable and Recorded. Click here to see an example from real life.

STEP 4 - What is your WHY?

What does this mean to you? Clarify your drivers. Motivation is one of the key factors towards consistency.

Your WHY must be strong. The best thing to do is to connect with your WHY on an emotional level. It must mean the world to you. Once you can feel your WHY, you will live it, you will pursue it.

That's how strong we want our WHY.

STEP 5 - Supercharge your why

Ask yourself these two questions:

A) What would you miss out on in 5 years time if you just do not make it happen?

B) What would you gain, if you make this happen?

Take your time with this one. You can write a short paragraph or prepare a table summarising both, advantages and disadvantages.

STEP 6 - Commit

Be honest with yourself.

How badly do you want it?

Feel that in your body.

Make a commitment to yourself. Give yourself a deadline. Find a friend or a group to support you. Learn from the best in the area. Hire a mentor/coach, follow the podcasts of those who have achieved what you want, read the books about them. Model them.

Tell someone who is important to you what you are going to do. Ask them to keep you accountable. Take your task seriously. Define your price in case you fail!

STEP 7 - What are the possible obstacles?

What kind of hurdles can pop out? Think of the time, money, people around you, family.

List the options what you can do to overcome these possible obstacles.

Be prepared!

STEP 8 - Take action

Pick one to three ideas from your list in the specific area you have already chosen to fix first. Prepare a plan of action. Break the big goals to smaller ones. Think what you can do daily, weekly, monthly.

Take some steps towards your goals.

Start with small steps today.

What can you do today to get a little bit closer towards your dream?

For the inspiration click here, read my story from my last blog and see how I can guide your next steps.

Connect with me on Facebook, visit my website or message me. I'll be glad to get to know you and to assist you on your journey from impossible to possible. Sometimes knowing someone who has done it, talk to him or her, ignites a strong belief and that's all you need:) To believe in yourself!

With love