Finally! I mastered the art of cooking meat right!

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Well, I finally did it!

This might be my greatest accomplishment of 2016


Sometimes I think the internet makes us feel bad about ourselves. If you’re not “hustling” and doing yoga and scaling a bazillion-dollar business, it feels like you’re not good enough.

But I think wins come in all sizes — big wins and small.

I feel good about my meat. It took me over a year to get good. I don’t really care how many people made fun of me for those uncooked meat plates (trust me, I know how horrible they look). I’m a little slower than other people at learning to cook, but I’m happy that I kept going and figured out how to make tasty and well-cooked steak.

Success came in the form of patience disguised as a piece of meat.

I think about the business decisions I make now, the big ones. I never could have imagined making them years ago. And in truth, I wouldn’t have been able to make them — I wasn’t ready then. But it took baby steps and real commitment to make them, to get to the level where I earned the right to make bigger decisions - thanks to SFM for the guidance i chose! If I'm honest with myself, I know that I couldn't have gotten to where I am today without them!


What are you proud of? It doesn’t have to be making a million dollars.

Is it spending time with your family last weekend? Or welcoming a friend who needed a place to stay? Or working hard on your business over the weekend?

Let me know in a comment here. I’m curious.

X Mirelle

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