News and TV is nearly all negative

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My thoughts.

Your in a regular job you get up at six in the morning commute to work where you spend all day making someone else money you get home 12 or more hours later, try and motivate yourself to do something, need to eat your dinner and you think i am worn out let me relax in front of the TV. I know this was my week reading the paper on the train and watching TV just because it was on, until learning of the power of the subconsious and that it takes in everything and stores it there regardless good or bad so if you can limit the bad and increase the good and empowering input you will have better overall store of references.

With this in mind i stopped reading the paper and in stead used this time to start learning more about the subconsious and how to control and guide your thoughts to being positive, there are many sources but Dane Spotts does a really good explanation if you want to check it out.

There might be some good programmes now and again on TV but generally i have now limited my time for TV and again chosen to educate myself regarding personal development so i am using the abundance of video's available which give you step by step guidance on setting goals, motivation, evaluating what is important to you as an individual.

This has enabled me to find the most amazing community and mentors that can guide and support me in my personal development including setting up an online business and if you are interested in something like this then try clicking the link below and see for yourself.

It has been amazing just how much more positive i feel and am able to focus on things that really do matter to me which before i just did not get round to, so imagine if you can cut out or down on this and then see what creative things you can do instead to help yourself to increase your positive thoughts. Hope this helps and if you want to find out more of how i started to thinking a little differently then check out the link below.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional and i am simply sharing personal experiences, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have helped me.   

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