Find your voice online with blogging

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To find YOUR voice online, so it´s not an echo of someone else, demands some testing. It´s not done in a heartbeat, but very rewarding once it´s done.

In the begining...

In the begining it´s like taking a walk an thin ice. You don´t really know if it will hold. If the online world and the online audience is new to you, the only way is trail and error. Test your way forward. I started out with trying different plattforms placing ads, Facebook, a little Bing and Ezine. Ezine is email marketing.

When I tried blogging and video it felt right and it was not something I tried to enjoy. I really DO. With the written word as well as the spoken, I feel I´m speaking directly to you and it´s my own voice coming through. It´s authentic and real and above all else, it´s me.  

Tips for finding your voice with blogging 

If I was to give you any tips about finding your voice then it´s based on my own experience and my feelings and thoughts about my journey.

Authentic - To be online on a regular basis, demands in my opinion authenticity. You can´t bear to be online regularly and not enjoy it or not be yourself. If you try to be someone else it will echo false, because it´s not you. 

Your style- If you try to be someone else because they master the craft it will echo false. But no one is better "playing" YOU. With you skills, experience and enthusiasm for the topic, no one can beat you. YOU are best in the role of YOU. Be you and test your way forward.

Long lasting strategy - It takes time online. It feels like a contradiction to online. But building a brand and creating trust with your audience, DO take time. Therefore it´s a longlasting strategy and you have to stick to the strategy to succeed. 

Consistency- Once your audience have found you they will come back, hopefully. Then you like to give something new. Your audience will accept consistency in your time to post new blogpost. For your own comfort it´s easier to make a habit of writing blogpost at a certain time in your own schedule for it will come days when the creativity seem s to be somewhere else and not near you.

Look to those who have done it before- Seek out those who in your opinon have succeeded. Study them and learn from them. You don´t need to invent the wheel once again. Study and learn from them.

Find Your Voice and Enjoy the Online World

Until we connect next time, take care - Mikaela 

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