Get a new job after 50

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At the age of 50, I started wondering what I could do to earn money should I lose my employment.

I didn't have specific skills outside my job (I work as a business analyst in a bank) and no real passion to create an income I could live from.

The conclusion was that I had to learn something new, something where my age (I'm 54) would not be a disadvantage, something different where I could accept to eventually earn less in a first step if I could get more freedom and enjoy life, spending more time with friends and family, with traveling possibilities. A job which would be more like a hobby that I could continue to practice after the retirement legal age.

In which area should I investigate to find the most appropriate activity?

As I know that many of you will be faced with the same analysis, I wanted to share my conclusions with you.

Be prepared, start now

Many people just wait to lose their job to begin thinking about their future. Even if you can work till your retirement, it's still a good idea to be prepared should something happen. 

One of my favorite sentences is: "Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity".

The opportunity is there thanks to the internet. It's the right time to invest in the knowledge of the huge amount of possibilities of making money given by this tool. 

I know what the first reactions will be. I'm too old, I don't have time, this will cost me a lot, it's only for people mastering the technical part...

Who is it for?

The truth is that it's not necessary to have technical nor marketing knowledge as far as you agree to invest time and money (more time than money or the opposite depending on your free time).

I see two essential elements for success:

  • be open minded
  • be serious and consistent

I could add English knowledge but if you read this, I consider that it's the case.

Who is it no for?

It's obviously not for happy dreamers who think they'll get rich overnight. Sorry guys, it's the wrong place for you.

I would like to help you

I'm not a marketing nor an internet expert so far. But I can help you by introducing you to my mentors who will teach you all you have to know about digital marketing. Also, as I'm right now in the process of learning the whole story, I can give you my advice or answer your questions before you jump into the boat.

You can reach me here for any questions

As you may have noticed, English is not my first language, so imagine if I was able to run into it, why not you? Another proverb I like is: "better live with a failure than with regrets".

Click here to receive a free seven days video. You can always come back to me afterward should you want to know more.

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