Give yourself a break !

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When you have an online business and are in control of your daily workload you should not forget why you started in the first place. For me it was TIME FREEDOM

The way you work

When you hang out everyday with your best friend- the computer and the fingertips are dancing over the keyboard and your eyes are enchanted by what´s on the screen. No matter what is on the screen; words, images or webinars, the hours seem to drift away. I can´t really say I was enchanted of anything really in my 9-5 job. But that period is long gone.

After a time behind the computer I do find mind drift off. As in all jobs. Well, it´s time for a break. Very often I find the digital life very creative but I guess it´s also what you choose to put an emphasis on. Creative or analytic- the mind needs a break.

Use your FREEDOM


No matter what you do, do something you enjoy. If you go shopping on a Monday at 10 am or exercise just when it suits you. Maybe you just go out in nature. Enjoy the small things. To have a digital business means you are in control of your time. Long gone is the 9-5 job where the coworkers looked at the watch and the minute it turned 5-  off they went. Now take a break - enjoy your FREEDOM. You owe it to yourself and the decision you made to be a digital business owner - Take care of yourself and the time we have here in life. Skip the ratrace and LIVE LIFE

"Love yourself more"

How I did it

I signed up for being a member of SFM. SFM or Six Figure Mentors is an educational company for digital marketers. Even after your education you can stay and market their products and services. The great thing is, you will get all the education you need. You don´t need special technical skills or experience. Internet as a hole has developed quite a lot and you don´t need to programme HTML or be especially technical to handle what you need as a digital marketer. Now SFM has a 30 days trial if you like to see for yourself how the training is, have a look at the dashboard and see all the types of courses that are avilable in different areas; Marketing, Mindset, Wake up calls, Technical mini courses and of course the hole community and the coaching.

All the best- Take care


PS See how I did the change and have a try. 30 days trial click here.

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