How long is your commute?

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How much of your life are you spending sat behind a steering wheel, or sat on a train? If you're in the UK like me, your average commute is around 50 minutes per day. That figure has increased by almost 10% over the last decade. If you'd like to compare your time with others, there's an article here.

My commute is actually 2 hours per day, I am tied to my family and friends in one area, and the nearest jobs are all around 30 miles / 1 hour commuting away, so that's one hour to get there and another to get back. 10 hours per week, 480 hours per year and over 17000 over the course of a career.  That's a massive chunk of dead, unproductive time.

Would you rather be spending that time with your kids? your partner and friends? In bed? I know I would.

Around 6 months ago I stumbled upon the term 'Passive Income'. I think the first time I saw it was a video by Robert Kiyosaki, who you may have heard of - he wrote the bestselling book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. It introduces the idea of acquiring income-producing assets, rather than spending all your money on depreciating goods, such as flatscreen TVs.

These income-producing assets can, once you've invested in them, produce a continuous income over time, without any further effort. If you're able to acquire enough of these assets, you can stop trading your time for money, and all your income can actually be produced passively - even as you sleep.

The more research I did the more intrigued I became, and the more I kept encountering the term 'affiliate marketing'. There were (and indeed still are) a lot of people selling products on eBay and Amazon but I didn't have any desire to hold stock, and deal with returns, etc. More and more, affiliate marketing became the way forward.

It was at this point that I found the Six Figure Mentors. When I was watching a YouTube video I saw an advert by my SFM sponsor, introducing an opportunity to receive a 7-day video series by email, at no cost.  It didn't take me more than a couple of days to sign up for the SFM, and now I'm building my online business along with a huge, friendly and helpful community of like-minded people. All the tools and training you could wish for. If you'd like to stop commuting, and start investing in your future, take a look at the link below.

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