How NOT to Start an Online Business

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This isn't the first time I started an online business.  The last time, I failed.  If like me, you have tried before and failed, then I hope you will keep reading.

My first try at starting an online business began with someone calling me on the phone about creating an Amazon Store.  I was intrigued.  They promised that I just had to set up a site and business would come.  I paid several thousand dollars to get things rolling and they did set up a site for me.  After that, though, they disappeared and I was on my own.

I tried to find resources through Google to help and I picked up tidbits here and there that I tried to implement.  I found another company that promised to optimize my SEO (I didn't even know what that was).  I spent a few more thousand dollars there.  I don't know what they actually did.

All my efforts were fruitless and the only sales I ever made were to a couple of friends.  I made a stab at blogging and drop shipping, but I never had any focused strategy and I was never sure of what I was doing.  I was still working full-time and the whole on-line business thing just got more and more frustrating.  After losing tens of thousands of dollars, I gave up and swore I'd never do it again.

Then my mother died and I had to unexpectedly quit my job to care for my father.  While I was fortunate to have a pension, it was much less than what I earned as a corporate attorney.  I began looking again for a way that I could supplement my sudden loss of income while still having the flexibility to be with my father.  After exploring my options, an online business seemed the best fit but I was very reluctant to take that path since I failed so miserably last time.

While browsing Facebook I ran across an ad for some free videos.  After watching them, I realized why I failed last time:

  • I never developed a strategy or vision for my business
  • I never learned what I needed to know in an organized, comprehensive, logical fashion
  • I didn't have anyone I could turn to to for help and support
  • I didn't stick with it and gave up too soon
  • I let my frustrations win

This time, I am on the road to success because I have found a community that supports me and I am systematically learning the skills I need to succeed.  There are no shortcuts.  Like any worthwhile endeavor, this is taking hard work, resources and time.  However, this time, I'm not alone.

If you want to give a digital business another try, I invite you to click the link below and watch the videos I saw and learn more about this wonderful community. You don't have to go it alone.  Don't repeat my mistakes in starting an online business.  

How to make your first 10K online!

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