How to Become a Winner by doing the Right Visualization

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Become a winner by using a well-known technique

To become a winner is probably something that nobody denies having on their wish list. But from a desire to reality, the distance can be long, if you don’t use the “trick” Michael Phelps used during his golden years.

Every day Michael Phelps, the famous swimmer and one of the most awarded Olympic athletes of all time, can you guess what he did before jumping out of bed or going to sleep at night?

He saw the movie!

No, it was not his favorite Netflix movie he watched day out and day in until memorizing it. What he did was a visualization where he saw himself doing a perfect race.

He closes his eyes for a couple of minutes, like observing it all from the outside, visualizes each stroke, each breathing, and each kick. Then he lives his mind at the moment to turn around and absolutely each detail of a race he wins.

After repeating it all in his mind thousands of times, in this particular movie, he feels like continuing a pre-established program when in the real race.

One day, when starting a swim race of 200 meters butterfly which he of course was convinced to win, happens something peculiar he didn’t expect. His goggles weren’t correctly in place and water with chlorine begins to bother his eyes.

For an ordinary swimmer, this incident would have been a sufficient explanation to not reach the podium. But it didn't for Michael Phelps.


The movie

He is “blindly” swimming remembering the movie, he has seen thousands of times in his mind. Each movement is repeated in his mind in a pre-programmed way.

This day, Michael Phelps made it again and wins the gold medal. And can you guess what he said after the race?

“It all turned out to develop just how I imagined it would. It was one more victory in a life full of small victories.”

Some call it for dreaming awake, but those who practice it call it for visualization. It’s a typical habit of successful people..... Read more>>


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