How to Close a Business Deal Like a Pro 

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When you close a business deal, you are not selling, but…

Close a business deal should always be the easiest part of a successful commercial relationship. If you are shaking like an autumn leaf in a full storm, something is going wrong.

Too often, we all come across salespeople, or "sales-people," who don't know how to close a business deal professionally. The most common procedure is to shoot all arguments they can find to get you to "surrender" and buy. 

If you master the correct closing technique, it will become a pure formality. Why? Because the selling is already made!

If you remember the two previous articles, the one about defining the customer's needs and handling sales objections, you can find the red line in a professionally made sales process.

The article I wrote five years ago about different closing techniques is still valid (in fact, it will never be obsolete). However, here we will dive deeper into how to close a business deal like a pro. In the online world, we call it conversion, and applying the tips in this article will surely improve your conversion rate...Continue Reading!>>


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