How To Define Success In Life

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There is no one way on how to define success in life. The definitions are as numerous as the number of successes that people have achieved in their lives. Everyone has commenced from his or her own starting point and reached goals through sweat and blood.

It doesn’t have to be only a famous person who has gained success in life, an ordinary person can very well achieve the milestones they have set for themselves and reached it and beyond.

Many entrepreneurs, business women/men, sportsmen have been and are successful, have kept going and have achieved their goals. It doesn’t matter how small someone starts, it is all in the attitude, all in the mindset, and I can tell you that with the right attitude and mindset, anyone can succeed.

Now, I will try to contain the definition(s) of the word success, to elucidate how profound this 7 letter word really is.  

A Sense of Accomplishment

Whether it is accomplishing good grades in school, or landing a good job; getting promoted to a higher post, or buying that coveted car or gadget, all these accomplishments, no matter how big or small is a measure of success in the eyes of the person who achieves these milestones.

The sense of accomplishment that is attached with reaching a milestone is thus, one of the first definitions of success. There is always a starting point for every hurdle crossed, and it is a never ending process.

When one step is completed, there is always another to be taken. Thereon a person can keep setting more and more goals to be achieved throughout his or her lifetime, and keep gaining the sense of accomplishment at each point.  

A Sense of Pure Joy and Satisfaction

How to define success in life is also something similar to the sense of accomplishment, the sense of joy and satisfaction, makes for a happier endeavor.

Where the first can be thought to be more competitive in nature, joy and satisfaction is more singular and contained within one-self.

Self-satisfaction is achieved when you are doing better than what you did before, rather than doing better than your competitor. You are in competition with yourself and no one else.  

Making Money

Although materialistic in nature, one cannot discount the importance of money in life. It can either be the machinery that runs it or a lubricant to the machinery to run it smoothly.

In one way, money can measure the level of success one has achieved in life. The more money one has, the more successful a person.

However, even in this some may believe, that making enough money to live a comfortable life, that covers all needs and some wants is also gaining immense success.

Some may, on the other hand, believe that money to buy elaborate luxuries is more successful. And others may think that "money is the root of all evil". No matter how one interprets it, making money is also a what is the definition of success and cannot be ignored.  

Defining Success in Life

The word success may also be understood through happiness or by being content with what someone has. Some people believe that in having a great relationship with someone, or with God or even by having a family life is the key to success in life.

I believe it to be a part of it, as everyone needs at first to be happy with one-self before being able to be happy with anyone else. And Happiness is also one of these other words difficult to define completely.

So, many persons have their own way of how to define success in life as each of them has their individual process of thinking, their own culture or their own upbringing.  

Gaining Fame

Who does not want to be famous? Who would not want their names printed with their achievements at the forefront of everyplace?

Being famous shows how one comes out from behind the shadows and makes it big through hard work and dedication. The reason why success keeps varying across a broad spectrum is because success itself is very subjective.

Looking at different “successful” people around you, you see how through a combination of motivation, inspiration, dedication, hard work and purpose, people have reached a point of success in their lives to make it a story for people to learn from.

Stories of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins and in more recent times Mark Zuckerberg are just a few of the big successes that encompass all the how to define success in life stated above.

For my part, I know and I really believe that we can have it all! How do you define success in life? What is the definition of it in your own words? What are your goals?  

Let me know by leaving your comments. Thank you! 


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