How to Make a Living as a Travel Blogger

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A travel blogger is someone who writes about their experiences while traveling, sharing their story. Travel bloggers would give useful information about the culture, weather, and food of a particular people enabling others to decide if they want to visit such places. With a good narrative and good pictures, you can get millions of people to subscribe to your blog or vlog. These people who may not be able to afford the travel get to experience a particular place through your journey.

If you love traveling, you can make money for this hobby by becoming a travel blogger. However becoming a travel blogger doesn't just happen, it takes commitment and patience to become successful. Stories told by those practising this lifestyle highlights the difficulties of the profession. They emphasize that it is time-consuming as it engages you all day, all year round with little or no time to do anything else. You also have to travel a lot, so it may be difficult if you have a family. It may also become stressful and frustrating if you are not passionate about traveling in general. Finally, the money does not come in at the initial stage; it could take you almost six years of traveling and blogging before you are recognized and trusted to get contracts from companies. Eventually, when you start earning, there is no steady income. You can make more one month and less the other as characterized by most freelance jobs. Therefore, to succeed as a travel blogger, you need to be persistent and patient.

Earning as a Travel Blogger

Knowing the difficulties associated with travel blogging, some of you may have gotten cold feet. For those who haven’t yet, you may be wondering how to earn money from traveling and writing. Well the ways travel bloggers earn their income include:

Contracts from companies either for tourism guides or as a press tour.
You could be paid to visit and give reviews on specific products and services including hotels and restaurants or a particular country.
Advert placed on your site. You shouldn't count on this, but if your site is popular, then it may attract big companies.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Travel Blogger.

  • The first thing you should know is perseverance. You should patiently pursue your passion. The thing is some get rewarded within a year, while for others, it may take almost six years. Just keep doing what you are doing, someone is bound to notice.
  • Be creative about your blog contents. Make sure your blog contents are easy to read and can capture the attention of your reader, even when they have a short attention span. Drop tedious details and remember that being a good writer is different from being a good blogger.
  • Write honestly about your travels. Don’t sugar coat things, say it as it is. Eventually, when you get paid to give reviews, you may be tempted to write that all is flourishing when it isn't. People who read your blog do so because they are interested in getting information, so try giving them useful content.
  • You need to join the league of travel bloggers wherever you are. This will give insight into the profession and enable you to showcase your work. It would also expose you to getting contract jobs.
  • When you are o a job, make sure you leave a mark. Give your best, and you will get called back or recommended.
  • Diversify your income. Ensure you do not just have one source of income. The money from the months you earn more could go into some other investment.

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