How to Start an Online Business in Tough Times

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An online business in tough times could be your best choice ever.

Starting an online business in tough times sounds like a kind of kamikaze mission at the first moment. Traditionally we have been taught to keep a “standby” position when stormy weather is in sight in the economy.

There is a long list of arguments for why you should lock your wallet and all credit cards in a safe place. Keeping what you have instead of taking the risk of losing everything is the overall conclusion for this traditional attitude and way of thinking.

Going back a couple of decades, the “wait and see” argument was much more understandable. By that time, starting a new business required a considerable amount of money.

Nevertheless, companies like Microsoft, Uber, Airbnb, and WhatsApp represent some of those startups during economic recessions. What drives these entrepreneurial founders to go ahead with their projects despite a turbulent business environment?

The cornerstones that once gave the ignition to the startup remain the same:

  • Passion for what you are doing or about to do
  • Demand for your product or service
  • Search for freedom and independence

To these primary reasons always driving people with an entrepreneurial mindset to get started, you can now also add the following:...Continue Reading!>>

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