How to Use Age to Your Advantage When Starting a Business Online as a Senior

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When using age to your advantage it’s much more than a number  

To use age to your advantage took me a long time to fully understand as a senior citizen. You’re so focused on your career and getting things done that few people really start to think about their senior life.

Then comes retirement, and not until you one day is breaking your routine for many years will you be hit by the fact that you actually are retired. By taking measures time before retirement and prepare your new way of living, the “hit” at least will be softer.

Some will go crazy when going from an accelerated lifestyle to a calm and, for many, an “empty” new reality. For others, the “sh.t hits the fan” when the first pension check arrives. It’s hard to face the reality of a monthly income far below what you use to get. If you put these two “hit in the face” realities together, the probability of depression is high.

Thanks to the technology and the digitalization of the world, the chances to create income streams online are higher than ever.

“Yes, but that is for younger generations who know all that new technical stuff”  - is a common excuse to not even give it a fair chance.

There are many reasons in favor of starting an online business in life. What about this one?

Studies show that your chances to a launch a high-growth startup is twice as likely if you’re over 55 years old than those under 35 years old.......Continue reading!>> 


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