5 Ways to make a good first impression

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We only get one chance to make a good impression, how you show up sets the tone for any first impression, you may be looking for Investors, clients, a new relationship.

There is a part of our brain called the Amygdala, it is responsible for our first emotions when entering a new environment or meeting new people, it’s role is to save our lives by allowing to feel fear so that we can run for the hills, or stand defend ourselves.

Clearly not ideal in a working environment running away before a big meeting or meeting new clients might be felt but rarely done.

The length of time your Amygdala takes to make a decision is quite slow it can be up to 30 seconds, so I guess I could have titled this article how to make a positive connection in 30 seconds or less.

So here is in my opinion of the top 5 ways to make a good first impression.

1. Follow the 12ft rule.

If you are in a position to see the person or people you are about to meet at around the 12ft distance mark give a small acknowledgement, a smile and making eye contact is a good start.

Anything further than 12ft and you look like your waving at some one in the distance any closer it’s too late.

2. Smile.

Many time’s people advise us to smile big, personally I’m not much of a big smiler, besides smiling big as soon as you meet someone may make you look a little strange.

Keep your smile natural, let it start small then slowly bring it to your comfortable size show some teeth if you have nice ones.


3. Saying hello.

Say a cheery hello make it genuine, say good to meet you (unless it’s not good), offer your hand to shake, don’t over reach for the others hand take yours from the hip, meet them half way and remember it’s not a power struggle, match the pressure of the other person, if you are seated it’s a good idea to stand up when being introduced and always lead with your name, “hello good to meet you my name is ….. and you are?” most people offer their name before being asked.

4. Eye contact.

This is a tricky one, people are lead to believe that if you make too much eye contact you must be telling an untruth and not enough you must have something to hide, this of course is nonsense there are many cues that work together when making those deductions.

Keep your eye contact casual looking at the persons shoulder, neck line, forehead or even glance away from time to time, make eye contact when stressing a point or seeking understanding above all else be natural.

Allan Pease is an amazing author who is a body language expert, check out his site www.peaseinternational.com for fun informative information or check out his Youtube videos here www.youtube.com/user/peaseinternational

5. Be the thermostat.

Be the thermostat not the thermometer, set the tone and pace of the conversation unless of course its not your meeting, always remember that your attitude effects those around you so be the person you would like to be around “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?”.

In a nutshell, be polite and be the best version of you every time, of course the above is my opinion there are many more ways to make a good first impression.

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Go make your first impression a good one…



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