Corporate Culture Broken !

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The corporate culture is not doing so good latly ! How can we get out of our 9 to 5 jobs which don't give us any fulfilment and securities anymore ? In the following , i want to share with you some insights about the corporate worl , also the new options we have .

1- Illusion 

Most of us were raised to believe that if we worked hard and went to college ,we would be rewarded with our dream job and the life we would always wanted .Unfortunately that's not always the case. For most young people graduating from college today, securing any job at all seems to be a little more than a dream. And even if they do find something ,the paychecks of a typical corporate job will do nothing to help with their mountains od debt .

2- Depressing 

There is nothing more depressing than the gray ,corporate office cubicle .Yet for a majority of people, this is where daily, 9 to 5 work happens. But the the cubicle is more than a physical space. Monotonous ,repetitive work done in a less-than-inspiring environment under the watchful eye of a insensitive manager -cubicle work life is something to escape from, not get trapped in . But what can we do ? 

3-Give up our Dreams

Too often we sacrifice our dearest values for the sake of a stable job and a secure paycheck .

Are you working at the job of your dreams? Unfortunately , not many of us can say that we are . You may have strong ideals about the kind of work is valuable , but chances ares that you have sacrificied these values more than once in the face of a regular paycheck .

We all have differing preferences for what we would like to have at work . You might prefer to work in a sunny loft for a non-profit that has a welcoming culture ,a lot of business integrity and scheduling flexibility.

Yet instead ,you are working at a desk in a cramped cubicle with coworkers who are just as grumpy as you are .What's happening here?  

So now, knowing that ,what should we do? 

Seek out your professional sweet spot ,the place where profit ,passion and natural talent aligns .

Out of all your potential ideas , how do you know which is the right one to pursue ? It's actually easier than you would expect , if you follow American business consultant Jim Collins :Sweet spot rule.

The sweet spot should allow three different areas of interest to align ,creating a great foundation for a succesful business .The first area is what people will pay you to do . In other words , an idea that is marketable. The second area is what you love doing ,or an idea that allows you to pursue your passion . The third area is is what you were born to do , or an idea that taps into your natural talents.

Create a Online Business is the way out !

Create a online buisiness has never been as accessible as today , in fact you don't need a lot of money for getting started. Having your own product is not a issue either , you can start as a affiliate for someone else product annd earn while you learn . Seems too good to be true i know , i had the same skepticism when i first started and it is perfectly normal .

But when i came across a program called SFM(six figures mentor) it completely change my opinion about online marketing and education. In one month i realized how much this industry is real also the benefits of this online platform , results i could get if i invest time and a bit money with consistent actions .

So today i want to share with you a link for a video serie about the SFM, the same one i came across before to get started

Thank you for reading 

Gab Doy 

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