What stops your Dream Lifestyle? Fear?

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Is it Fear that stops you from taking the steps to your Dream Lifestyle? What is Fear? 

Once I had a dream and a while ago I got the opportunity to go for it. I had thought about my dream for many years and always thought about it like just a dream, a dream that never should come true. It was like the dream always should be there, and be my dream for all my life. 

So I got the opportunity to go for the dream and then my first Fear arrived. The Dream Fear. Am I worthy to make my dream come true, and do I really want it to come true? And I think that just that, Do I really want it to come true, is the fear, the fear that sits on your shoulder and just stops you from taking action. Because the Lifestyle that you want rarely comes without any action from you. 

This time I didn´t listen to him and thought that this could be nice to go for my dream once in a lifetime. Then the next Fear arrived, it was the Ability Fear. Can I manage this project? What can I about this subject? Before my decision, I really tried to find facts about everything. How to do it, how I should find the money, how long time it could take, and other How´s. But that was hard, and I didn't have the answers but still, I had to make a decision. 

So I went for it, How hard could it be? I just had to try?! I wanted My Best Life, My Countryside Lifestyle. 

Oops, another Fear arrived, the Economy Fear. I went to the bank and got a loan, but I didn´t know if the money should be enough. Because I didn´t find the answers to my questions. But I took all the loan I could get, and I had calculated on it, and I could do it. I hoped that in the autumn I should generate money in my investment. I calculated, spent all my time googling on prices, solutions and was thinking WHY do things have to be THIS WAY. Must it be this thick? (Costs more money) Have someone done it some other way? Must I do like this? Can I get the material cheaper somehow? Can I do these things on my own? All the time to hold my budget, and of course also to keep the Economy Fear hard. Some decisions had to be to just go for it and pay for it, and some decisions had to be that I did it by myself, and it took some more time. 

During the time, the Crazy Fear comes time to time. I am thinking "Have I done the most ridiculous thing in the world? Am I crazy?" And the next hour when I  get a positive message on a subject, then the happiness, joy, euphoria and super nice feeling arrive! The Crazy Fear is a mean thing, it just jumps on you on several occasions, and attacks! Bang! And I fight it, but it comes back. 

I didn´t get ready and I didn´t get the income on my investment in time, but then I realized that I had paid on my loans and it worked! Without the extra income, I still managed. And I didn´t have the ability to continue for some time, to finish the dream. Because it happened things that I couldn´t affect, and then I had to fight another fear. Control Fear. I must have control, and I want to know when the machines can come and have a plan. But suddenly, the weather was in the way. And I couldn´t know when it was okay again. It could take one month or several months. And I had to let the control go. To leave it and instead do other things during the time. Like meet my friends, and socialize, or just not work for a while. So that was rather good, to have a little time for ME. 

So now I´m waiting for the next step, better weather, and to continue with my dream. 

Now and then the Economy Fear sticks its nose in front of me, but she is weaker and weaker. I see that I can, and manage, and if I get my income, then it will be fine. 

Of course, it can easily be more fears that arrive. The Time Fear, that I won´t have enough time to enjoy my dream or some other Fear that appears. 

But suddenly one day, you discover that the fears appear more and more seldom, and then you realize that you have fought the fears and defeated the fears. And then you also know that you have grown as a person. You have been a more secure person and brave person, that really CAN GO FOR THE DREAM!  

So What is YOUR dream, and don´t you want to go for it? 

Write down your fears, and ask yourself why you want the dream to come true. When you have reached your really WHY, isn´t it worth it to fight the Fears? 

I am soo much longing for the moment when My Dream is there, and I shall go round and scream of Pride, Happiness, Joy, Power, and all the feelings that I am sure I will have at that moment. Maybe I will put a video blog post of it! Haha, would you like that? 

Please! If you have a dream, go for it, the dream will never just fall down in your knee. You have to TAKE THE CHANCE! Because YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

And my Time Fear I challenge by starting an Online Business with help from SFM, and the education there. And that will create a freedom to work from home and my own time, not 9-5. So I will change all the Fears to Fairys instead. Isn´t that a good idea! 

Will you go for it? To change the Fears to Fairys? 

You can also click down here for more information. 

Fairys and Love from Anette, Sweden!

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