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All my life I have felt that I am lost, not knowing what I want to have. Waking up every day going to work feeling disgusted, spending 8 hours a day in displeasure but I excepted that reality and it made me become worse. I said to myself maybe if I try harder I may become more fulfilled, on the contrary, I grew apart from what I wanted to achieve. Each day a part of my life was shattered.

Why do I have to work, what does work even mean. The sense of loss is devastating. I have been going on for weeks and week and just feel as if I have woken up from sleep, however, I knew that I wasn't really sleeping. Reality hits you like a truck, but I have known there is more to my life, I believe that I am destined to do better, become better achieve better. But how, where can I find the answers, and how will I know if they are the right answers.

I still remember that day when I came to work and felt that I don't really have anything to get me past the 8 hours, so I decided to listen to motivational speeches. And that's how everything changed, I began looking forward to work, the feeling that I have something to learn every day. Certain ideas changed the way I think and then I found the answer....a guy said.

“ for things to change you got to change” Jim Rohn

It dawned on me that I must change no, I will change. My life depends on it. And I really ask you to look for the answers and you will find what you seek. I began listening to Jim Rohn and getting all his ideas and from there everything changed I was introduced to a majority of motivational speakers, and on that dark afternoon I saw an ad and it left me in pieces “trading time for money” I never wanted to do that again. Usually, I don't watch ads but it was the right thing at the right time. It talked about having an online business and working from anywhere and the only requirements are a laptop and WiFi. And you can quit your job do what you like, write your own paycheck and now I am on my way I feel pumped every day I have a goal that pulls me to the future in order to achieve what I want. It all started with a free 7-day video series, I would like to give you this opportunity you.

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