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13 Easy ways to Improve your Life 

  1. Face your Fears- You conquer your fears by facing them. 
  2. Exercise your willpower to change Direction- If not beneficial to your plan, change directions. 
  3. Admit your Mistakes- Be strong enough to admit your mistakes to yourself as well as others.
  4. Refine your Goals- Set higher goals, set a higher purpose, challenge yourself
  5. Believe in Yourself- Believe in the possibilities, believe in yourself. Believe that tomorrow will be better than today.
  6. Ask for Wisdom- Ask for wisdom to deal with the challenges that occur, ask for guidance that creates answers 
  7. Conserve your Time- Sometimes we as a people get faked out, say if we go to the Amusement park 1 a year instead of having two years left you really on have 20 times. Make your time count .
  8. Invest your Profits- Wages make you a living but Profits make you a fortune 
  9. Live with Intensity- Give more of you into whatever you are doing, go all in you you. Bet on yourself 
  10. Demand Integrity from Yourself- "Integrity is like loyalty, you can't demand it from someone else, only from yourself."
  11. Find your Place- If you work, find the best place you enjoy working for. Embrace another stepping stone for yourself 
  12. Welcome the Disciplines- A well-disciplined activity creates Abundance, Uniqueness, and Producitivity 
  13. Fight for what's Right- If you want something Valuable then you will have to Fight for it. 

Improving your life is easier said then done which I know, but what if you could create more time as well as doing what you love, would you do it? How does these 13 lessons help you.

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