Making a change for the better in my business life

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At 49 years old, I have reached the top pay at my job here in Nampa, Id.  I like my job, and the people I work with. In which case I was able to excel.

I also love to collect antiques, and turned it into a business. Primarly just to pay for what I keep.  I love the art in the antiques , and what humanity can accomplish when we set our minds to it.

change your business life for the better

I sale out of several shops, and stores to make a little extra income. After the crash in 2008, sales have increasingly deminished. Along with that I noticed here in 2016 it still has not recovered.

So I took a long hard look at the sales market, and watching local businesses fade and fold. I started wondering why, when the population is growing it would seem that coustomer base would grow.

I then realized that like the antiques I sale these stores did not change with time, and if you don't change in business you die. So I started saling my wheres online. 

Though I recieved some sucess in doing that, it was not fun, and I found it difficult to market the public. I also found out that the collectors of antquies were declining, or ebay has flooded the market.

What ever the case, I saw that if I was to stay in sales. I had to change, or I would end up like the old stores.

like some one once said  "There is nothing preminate in life except change".

As it turns out, it was not just the sale for money, but having some thing that was for sale that brought value to peoples lives, and are as excited as I am about it.

Also I love to learn new things. Knowledge is power they say. Online marketing is not going away but it is evolving.

That's where I am going to be.

Now I don't just want to be known as a business owner, but a bussiness grower. 


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