Money Perception

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”-Wayne Dyer.

Have you ever felt in a particular way about someone? Maybe not necessarily positive, and when you find out more about that person, you discover their humanity and changed the way you felt about them?

This is a story about the perception a woman had about good people, bad people, money, what happened when she changed it and how she changed it.

Jessica was a very loving girl, she had two older siblings. Her sister was seven years older than her and her brother six years older than her.


When Jess was one year of age, the whole family moved to a very big house. Now, this house wasn´t finished yet. Jess still wasn´t conscious about that, but her siblings were.

They had to open the front door with a broom. At school, her siblings were bullied by those who had more money.

Years later, Jess learned about the other members of her family, like her aunt (fathers’ sister), her grandmother (father´s side, her grandmother on her mother’s side died before she was born), her grandfather (fathers’ side) and her Opa (grandfather mother´s side).

The story was kind of interesting, apparently, Jess´s father was mistreated as a boy, his parents gave everything to his sister; attention, clothes, everything. He used to go to the lost and found area in schools to get new clothes because his parents really neglected him.

As an adult and successful dentist, he took financially care of his parents and sister. Probably to get some sort of approval or validation that he was a good person, something he never got from them.


His father in law, after many years of being a widow, decided to get married again and had seven more kids. So, Jess had uncles and aunts that were her age and younger than her. Jess´s father supported them too.

Jess understood from her mother that her father earned good money as the great dentist he was, but he was, well, stingy. It was difficult to talk about money and if someone had money the best would be to hide it.

One afternoon her Opa was killed. A big family was left without a father, her mother supported them enormously yet at the very beginning it was Jess´s father who helped them with money.

One day, one of Jess´s aunts (that was her age) asked her: “why are you now good to us?”


That question stuck in Jess´s brain for many years, she had realized that she had become a stuck up, and it had been because her family had money.

Money had to be a bad influence…

She kept enjoying the benefits of money because her father as the good entrepreneur that he was, was very consistent and loved his job.

Jess was a teenager when her sister began to study to become a chemical engineer. There she found a community of people who earned little money but treated her really good. That confirmed her sister´s belief that rich people were not nice. She was a big influence on Jess in regards to "how ugly" materialism was.


Her brother studied accounting and criticized women all the time, saying that they only cared about money. He was her hero so she didn´t want to be such a materialistic girl, she almost didn´t want to be a woman.

At the same time, she did like money, there were many benefits it brought, she was a simple person but she could afford what she needed and sometimes also pay for pizzas at friend´s houses or things like that. She just didn´t mention that she liked money to her siblings, what would they think about her?

Jess was a natural healer so she thought on following her father´s steps and study dentistry. When she was around 23, she met her future husband and he shared an email with her that invited her to learn about energy and how to create her own reality.


Something inside of Jess completely changed, she simply knew she had to study that, there was some sort of thirst inside of her that needed to learn that.

She had been psychic since forever but she had never received guidance or any information about that, YouTube wasn´t around when she was younger. Immediately she enrolled and joined the course. She felt she had discovered her life´s path and stopped studying dentistry to study as many alternative therapies as she could and of course life coaching.

There was only one interesting thing there, most of the healers she met earned very little money. It was as if though charging for healing or for helping people transform their lives was a sin. The belief of money being the root of all evil was everywhere.


She got married at 24 so from living under her parent's roof she moved to live with her husband being supported by her. Almost immediately she became a mum and became a full-time mum, two years later the second kid was born.

They had a nice life, nice house, nice car, nice gym… but Jess was miserable. Besides having a narcissistic mother in law, she felt like there was no meaning for her existence.

She wasn´t giving anything back to society and she had so much potential stored in there. She also wanted to work and make money, she had only felt that for a year when she paid for her last year of high school and it had felt great.


Because of the situation in the country, they were living, every day that went by the felt less safe so they decided to move to a country completely different; Australia.

They loved it, the only thing was that for the first time in their life, Jess and her husband felt poor. They went to private schools and their kids went to public schools now.

They were great schools, by the way, some better than the private schools they had gone to in their home countries, but public none the less and that felt weird for both of them.

They were very careful with money and that meant using the money for only the basics. Their families, especially Jessica´s husbands’ family were very wealthy and that made them feel even poorer.


The time came where Jess got fed up with hearing her husband complain about money and hearing how they couldn´t afford things for their kids. Witnessing her kids asking the question: are we poor? Made her feel horrible, even scared because the answer was probably yes although they never said it. There had to be another way!

She had her life coaching business, she was very good, she had helped so many people so much yet the part of advertising, selling to people; she hated.

The idea of being a salesperson of her own business felt like manipulative, sneaky. As if though she only cared about money. She knew that her clients needed her service, but didn´t know how to let them know or convince them that it was truly for their best. She felt somehow like a liar although she wasn´t… Marketing, what a nightmare.


She spent thousands of dollars to learn about marketing and it helped her understand better what marketing really was. Basically, letting people know that she cared about them.

She found an educational company that taught her how to create an online business, the information was liquid gold.

It took a lot of work, but with all of the support of the community, and all the life coaches and financial coaches that the educational company provided, she could change the way she perceived money. Her main goal was to help others change their mindset. Change the way they saw themselves and money. When her clients grew, they also became more successful.


She stopped seeing her father as someone who had been stingy, she realized that he had been administrating his money so good that he managed to support more than 3 families. He also took his family on amazing holidays to different parts of the world so they could have more culture.

Jess was so grateful, and now thanks to the digital economy and that amazing educational company she could provide the same to her family. The time they were living in was different than the time their parents lived in.

The economy was different so their perspective had to change. With the right mentors, the right influence, the right coaches, Jess evolved and so did her family.


Now, Jess has a great influence on people all over the world, her insights about life inspire those who need to be inspired and change women’s lives forever:

Women who had those paradigms about money that needed to be resolved. Women who were spiritual and had financial problems because they thought that a spiritual person couldn´t be wealthy and good at the same time. Women who thought they weren´t good enough to succeed and enjoy their life.

They changed the way they looked at things and the things they looked at changed.

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"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change".

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