One Step Closer To Those Who Matter The Most

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Are you wondering who they are? You must have guessed it right. They are the family members. Those who are connected to us from our earliest childhood. Those who we used to spend all our time with when we were little.

However, as we grow our paths split. Parents normally stay at home but siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles are curious to discover the new places, the new cultures, the whole new world. They follow their hunger to uncover the unknown and the endless opportunities to do so. 

We speak foreign languages. We learn about the world. We want to experience it all truly on our own skins.

There is nothing holding us back. We have the Internet offering all kinds of information, adventures, maps, directions, accommodation, guides, jobs, courses. Anything we want.

And of course, all these unknown things attract us like a magnet. We travel, we explore, we experience, we learn.

Then suddenly we meet someone special or we find the place which appeals to us or we have been offered a job of our dreams. Far away from our families. It doesn't occur to us to analyze the situation. At this moment we are driven by our desires, our new exciting condition.

What happens then when we settle down in this new for us attractive environment? 

We love it, we enjoyed, we live it.  

A few years later we realize we miss our family. We see each other occasionally, we Skype, call or text more often but to get together, all of us as we used to is a bit tricky if not impossible. 

We are spread all around the world. Suddenly, a quality time with those who matter the most is the most precious thing for us.

If we see each other once a year, we call ourselves lucky. We have our daytime jobs, our businesses, our new social circles, which need to be looked after. This is the moment when it hits us. The fact that our roots are far away from the original ones.

As the time passes it is bothering us more and more. We are questioning ourselves how this can be changed.

The world has changed a lot in the last century. The massive transformation in travel industry gives us a freedom to live, work, travel anywhere we want. All we need to do is to book a flight and go. Not like hundred years ago when our grandparents had to use a horse, a bus or a car in the best scenario. 

We have been given a choice of location. But what have we lost?
Has the freedom of movement taken away the quality time with our families? 
Or are we going to be able to teleport in a matter of seconds soon? 

I don't want to wait until this magic happens. I truly wish to see my sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews more than once a year. And especially all of us reunited at home, at my parents' house. 

Our parents and grandparents would hardly ever agree to travel to places to see us. But we, the younger generation, we can do it. 

All we need to do is to break the rules that hold us back. Especially to change or adjust the traditional day to day issues connected with our jobs and our businesses. We must gain another freedom. A financial independence allowing us to keep on working or running our businesses from anywhere in the world.

Then we will be able to stay together for longer or we will be able to visit our closest ones more often. We'll be able to plan our days according to our needs. We'll be able to appoint the time for family and time for work. To spend quality time together while easily pay the rent, the bills and other expenses in the country, we live now.



On the Internet.

Anywhere in the world.

Same as the means of transport gave us the freedom to travel and settle anywhere we like, the Internet gives us the freedom to do our work from anywhere in the world.

We have a chance to be in charge of our businesses and our income without being tied to the location. The offer is here, we just need to grab it.

Anything we do can be done online these days. All we need is a laptop, a good Internet connection and some skills. Skills such as how to build a website, how to use the social media for our business, how to market ourselves online. Or how to outsource any of these to gain even more time.

It's all in our hands. How strong our beliefs are and how ready we are to change our thinking same as the opportunities for travelling have changed in the last hundred years.

It took me some time to accept this shift from traditional to online, for me a virtual world. However, I challenged myself to test it, to learn how to walk in my new Internet shoes. And I must admit that it was the best decision I have made. 

That's why I made a promise to myself that I'll spread the word around and make as many people as possible aware of this option.

Because it is worth to take one step closer to those who matter the most. 

Everything is possible and here is your chance to take your first step. I invite you to CLICK HERE to see what the Internet has to offer to each and every one of us.

With love


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