Online Business Opportunities - Perception is everything


Online Business Opportunities - Perception is Everything

 Online business opportunitiesI got an email from someone yesterday who has subscribed to my list for the Six Figure Mentors. It highlights many of the reasons for people not taking action on online business opportunities that they have actually signed up for information on.

It’s worth sharing as I actually found it quite inspiring since it gave me a chance to respond. Just to frame things first: There is a huge sub industry around the marketing of online business opportunities. Since traffic and lead generation are the lifeblood of an online marketer there are umpteen businesses dedicated to supplying those leads.

How do People find Online Business Opportunities

Although there is a vast market for online business opportunities (some 50 million searches per month on Google alone) there is also a vast market aimed at connecting these searchers to the opportunities themselves.  A lot of this is based on incentives however: People can earn money or advertising opportunities just by looking at ads for example so even though they might be genuinely looking for a real business their primary motivation is to watch the ad for an agreed time – 60 seconds maybe.

The Online Business Opportunities Sub Industry

Another factor is that people still genuinely believe that money can be made in an online business opportunity with little or no effort – like clicking on ads all day long for example! That might land you a few bucks a day but what a crap way to spend a day! It’s not a business I would want and its not a source of good quality leads.

The point is that people respond to ads for all sorts of reasons and knowing what these reasons are is essential for effective marketing. So to my email: This subscriber (from an email I sent to a list of opt-in biz op seekers) obviously is looking for a real business – I know this as we have exchanged a few mails now – He couldn’t get over the shock of receiving a reply from an online marketer in the first place.

He has looked at a number of online business opportunities and mentioned one well known one in particular which I won’t name but I agreed completely that the marketing of this one was awful and kind of typical of a lot of the crap that is out there. Unfortunately this sort of marketing can “tar us all with the same brush”, hence the email I received. online business opportunities

I won’t quote directly from our mails – my reply was pretty long as I’d been on one of our SFM/DEA webinars the night before and was still feeling inspired. But in short, he wanted to know what made this online business opportunity different (despite having watched a number of videos explaining it to him) He also mentioned that he doesn’t have the know-how, the tools or the products to sell online.

I can only assume that he hadn’t watched any of the videos properly because this is exactly what the SFM and DEA offers ! It’s a combination of training for all this stuff and a ready made marketing system that includes a blog and a website (two of the things he mentioned not having) I’m happy to say that the outcome was that my subscriber now has a complete picture of my business and me – His circumstances mean that he won’t be jumping aboard right now but it’s been a valuable exchange for me and I hope him.

The moral of the story is that modern digital marketing is becoming much more direct contact oriented. It speaks volumes about the way online business opportunities have been marketed when someone tells you they are dumbfounded at receiving a reply to an email. This is part and parcel of the SFM and DEA ethos as I see it. Learn more by clicking the link below for a free test drive.

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