Raising the standard

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Raising the standard has been really crucial for me, and I assume it is for anybody who wants to break out of a vicious and detrimental cycle of habit that has formed over the years. Being in that cycle, I kept feeling sorry for myself and I kept feeling sorry for myself!

I don´t know why. Maybe because I knew I had wasted so many chances, maybe because I had wasted all those chances and it was all my fault? I had nobody to blame and I didn´t want to hand myself that luxury to point my fingers at others. No, it was me and nobody else.

Why was I so convinced that it was all me? My habit pattern I guess. But the fact that I kept blaming myself for everything and putting the weight of the world on my shoulders actually gave me something. And that was a belief, a determination, a will and a truth that I kept with me all that time. And that was, that I had massive potential and the power to harness it as I pleased. If I could just get myself out of this habit pattern first. I had to be in a good or better headspace to make myself able, right?

This is where raising the standard comes in. Well, there is a Chinese proverb that says:

"Twenty years ago was the best time to plant a tree, the second best time is now."

This Chinese proverb puts it into perspective. There is no good time as there is no bad time, the only time is now. Everything that ever happened, happened in the now, in the existing moment. Dwelling in the past too much can potentially send devastating ripple effects into your now and future. Depending on the quality of what you are dwelling on of course. For me, the ripples were disastrous.

A Chinese proverb may make it sound easy and logical, but a mind in turmoil is far from anything that can be called logical or rational. A mind in turmoil needs help, but to realize that and to actually ask and accept the help is another hurdle.

But raising the bar of your standards, and as cheesy as it sounds, "drawing a line in the sand" and say to yourself:

"That´s it! I will not suffer anymore, I will not do this to myself and those around me. I don't care what was. I will not accept suffering and the constant, self-inflicted torture I am putting myself through! I will do more, be more, become more every day. I will have goals and accomplish them.

And so it happened, I did more, was more, became more. For me, it was meditation, yoga, exercise, healthy food, reading the right books, reading them again. And the realization that I knew exactly what waited for me on the other side if I didn´t do these things. Insanity. undefined

Today, I was more for taking my lovely daughter to the woods. That made us smile together.

Thank you so much for reading, I am quite touched that over 100 hundred people read my first article. Let´s connect on anti-social media or leave me a comment below. Feel free to share this with anybody, These days my suffering is my teacher, so I´d like to help others if I can, to raise the standard.


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