Rewarded For Quality Or Quantity?

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Is it best to get rewarded and paid for how many hours you spend at something or the quality of what you produce? There are some different way to make a living, the most common one is to trade your time to an employer in order to earn a salary. However this is not the only way and might not even be the best way either.

What I probably liked most when studying was that everything basically came down to the quality of what I produced. We didn’t have any compulsory classes and the only thing that decided if I would pass or not was the quality, i.e. the result I got on the exams and how good my reports were.

No one cared if I studied 1000 hours, 100 hours or 10 hours in order to pass an exam as long as I did it. If I could find a smart and effective way of studying that would let me have some time over, I could use that time to spend on my hobbies, exercising or whatever I wanted to do.

When I started to work on the other hand it almost felt like the other way around. Now I got paid for spending time at the office. As long as I did okay no one really seemed to care if I put in any extra efforts.

If I found a way to work more efficiently and were able to complete a task in five hours instead of eight, could I go home and do something else? Did I get paid more if I did something better than expected? No, the only reward I got was more work to do.

To once more put focus back on quality instead of quantity I educated myself in online marketing and started up my own online business., where I today help other people to get started with working online as well.

How much I can earn here depends on the quality I bring to my customers and how much value I can give them. Being able to use automated online tools I can distribute this content 24/7. Once I have something of high quality it doesn’t matter if I sit an extra couple of hours in front of my computer, my business is running nevertheless!

What this kind of business lets you do is to spend more time on what’s important in your life, instead of trading it to someone else in order to make a living. This is why it’s also often called a “Lifestyle Business”, i.e. a business that you can fit around your ultimate lifestyle instead of the other way around.

If you also would like to change the focus from quantity (number of hours spent at work) to quality I truly believe that having your own online business is the best way to go. This isn’t as hard as it might sound. I’m totally convinced that anyone can do it, even without any previous experience or any idea or product of your own to sell. However if you would know another way that’s even better I’d love to here what you have to say, please leave a comment below!

In order to help people like me who also want to make the most out of their lives and get more freedom and flexibility I’ve put together a free video series in 7 parts. These videos describe all the necessary steps to get started working online. Feel free to have a look if you want to get more out of life but don’t think that the path you are walking right now will get you there.

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I wish you all the best!
Emil Sundell, founder of Digital Dream Lifestyle

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