Why Seniors and YouTube Make a Good Combination

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Watch out for seniors and YouTube as a powerful alliance

Seniors and YouTube is a combination that silently is conquering the Internet world. While marketing gurus worldwide are trying to find out how to optimize their campaigns, very few are paying much attention to what's happening among more grown-up adults.

By the way, I hate to use the word seniors as a label for us more mature people. It gives a touch of old and obsolete. I use seniors, and YouTube mixed together in this article to get a better SEO ranking on Google. Isn't that crazy!

But as online entrepreneurs, we must accept that success is very much about being seen. Imagine the "good old days" when you bought everything in a shop of your choice. To get to know this favorite shop, they needed to do something to get your attention. Otherwise, there would never be a click between your desire and the product you were searching for.

Later on, more giant shopping malls started to grow. They represent an enormous advantage for the smaller shops with limited budgets to hang on to the flow of people coming to the mall and achieved by a joint marketing strategy by the mall as a corporation.

It all works the same way…but digital in the new Internet world. The large malls are Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other similar well-known platforms. YouTube belongs to Google, so it's like an island within the Google mall.

Your shop in the mall

When you establish your little shop in the mall and many people pass by, some will notice your store and, for curiosity, enter to see what you have to offer. Some will not even notice that you exist. In the digital world, it can be compared to what is called organic growth. To just be there, some will pay attention to your little shop. Others will ignore you.

However, to get more customers to your shop, you need to have some sort of sign outside your shop, in colors and lightning, catching people's attention. Maybe you need to put stickers on the storefront with words and phrases pulling people to your shop. This activity could be compared to the digital world's SEO (search engine optimization).

As a blogger, like me, you always have to offer content your audience is interested in. As you are reading this article, it seems that I succeeded.

Suppose you now are getting a certain flow of potential customers to your shop, thanks to being established in the commercial mall that attracts a lot of people to visit, and also get people to enter your shop by using appealing signs and stickers. In that case, it comes a moment when you want to boost your sales. Maybe it's Christmas time, Black Friday, or something similar, and people visit the malls with their pockets full of cash to buy. What do you need to do to get your piece of the cake?


Why should the digital marketplace work in a different way? Well, it doesn't!

However, as you can understand from this little metaphor of comparing online and offline marketing, you must have a good product and a friendly, well-designed shop before even considering investing in advertising.

So, what have seniors and YouTube to do with all this?

YouTube is today the "favorite shop" for grown-up adults. It's the place where we hang out most of the time. In the U.S., 67% of people of age 56 and up use YouTube.

To understand the size of YouTube as your "commercial mall," take a look at these figures (source):

  • YouTube viewers watch one billion hours of video content every day
  • There are over 2.6 billion YouTube users logged in each month
  • 500 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube per minute
  • YouTube is the world's second most visited website, with 22.8 billion monthly visits
  • After Facebook, YouTube is the world's second most used social platform...Continue reading!>>
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