SEO Best Practices for Internet Marketers - Part 4

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Friends, so far in our series SEO we have looked at domains, hosting, keywords, content (is "king") and Wordpress plug-ins. What comes next? Developing and managing your own blog dedicated to your target avatar(s), their needs and solutions to their problems is vital. Your own blog provides two important opportunities: 1) Establish an on-going "conversation" with your prospects and consumers, and 2) Build "authority" with Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. Note: Keep your focus on Google. A few tips - post frequently, include keywords ... but don't "stuff" your posts with them, understand your avatar(s) pain points (address them succinctly and offer high "value" solutions). Experts vary widely on the optimal "length" (e.g. word count) for blog posts. You can address a given need in-depth via one long post or via a series on posts on a precise topic. Bottom line: Best-of-breed blogging serves your prospects and helps convert them into customers, can dramatically boost traffic, and is largely free of charge. Thus, you are building free, organic traffic. For now take a moment to register for our Free Trial consisting of a 7-part video training by clicking here ( today. Be back soon. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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