Stages of being stuck, everyone goes through them!

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We all get stuck, the difference between us is some of us just walk through whatever blockade, the others -- well the others can inform us in the comments what they do.

Most times its give up, then fall guilty then come back, then the cycle repeats.

Why is it always tough to admit to oneself just when things are not going the way we want. My wife would ask such a question because, like most men, I have trouble admitting when its time to go to bed or just continue persisting trying to watch this favorite show even when I am completely blown tired.

After reading this article you will be able to navigate and see the tell-tale signs when you are about to get stuck.

You will be able to confidently jump out of the rat race when some signs show up knocking at your doorstep.

Let's get to it:

  • Stage 1: Motivation:- this is the stage when you catch some sort of inspiration. Let's say you have met Mr. Atwine your mentor and he has talked you into some amazing ideas. You are so pumped and inspired to begin and see results almost immediately. Your blood is hot and you can't wait to begin.
  • State 2: Minor Deviation:- after you are so pumped you begin to plan on execution. You come up with a start date, draw your calendar. You then push the goal to a week when you are not as busy. You tell yourself, " I am busy this week, But Ill start next week"
  • Stage 3: Socialization:- After this, you go talk to all your friends about these goals that you intend to achieve. You tell them to even people who are not interested. Some of your friends know you too well -- they listen none the less. "I am going to do this, watch this space," you say.
  • Stage 4: Reality setting in:- the week comes and the day, then the hour and minute. It's time to execute. The moment you begin you realize the broad scope of the goal you set. There is so much to consider. You tell yourself -- this is harder than I thought it would be!
  • Stage 5: Re-motivation:- in the midst of this time of self-reflection you seek some advice on youtube. You find some guy who has made it and is living the life that you want to live. You now realize its doable, so you have psyched up again and ready to jump in with both feet.
  • Stage 6: Bargaining: - "I made good progress yesterday so I can skip today!" so you tell yourself. 
  • Stage 7: Doubt:- you have given yourself a break since the past week because you had a good day of input. Its been a while now you are thinking whether this is the thing for you. Is this the right program, site, course, target for me? You ask yourself.
  • Stage 8: Embarrassment:- you now begin to look at yourself in the eyes of those that encourage you. They said if you can't then you are a failure, or you are simply lazy. So you feel embarrassed that they may be telling the truth. You wonder if they knew after all that you wouldn't make it. 
  • Stage 9: Denial:- you have reached a point of breaking. "this was my friend's idea" you say. "I knew I couldn't do this, he pushed me." You now find someone to blame so you can have it easy. I would never have tried this on my own!
  • Stage 10: Resignation:- At this point, you have realized that you may have jumped into the water too soon, or you may not have enough knowledge to navigate this particular waters. You simply decide to throw the goal aside because after all you can always begin next year.

And so the cycle repeats.

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PS: Article inspired by mentor: Ramit S

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