Survival of the bravest

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Fear. It's scary. It's motivating. It helps us survive.

Bravery against fear is power. We all know someone who stood in the face of fear, demonstrated bravery and came out ahead.

When I look at the state of the world, the changing job and opportunity market it's scary. Jobs we thought would be around forever and gone or at the very least dwindling. Many people no longer go to a factory or office to work. People can work from home, their car, a beach. And this is the wave of the future, like it or not.

A few years ago I was visiting Epcot with family. There was a crisis at the office in Ohio and they needed me to respond. It wasn't a problem with an employee it was an issue with data. The blessing is that I was able to help resolve the issue from where I was. The curse is that I was able to help resolve the issue from where I was.

This situation helped me understand that location has little to do with my ability to be effective. I could do my job from anywhere. So how could I leverage that?

Two things. First, looking into the future will my office job still be around? Second, can I take the plunge to work somewhere other than an office? I don't have a crystal ball but I'm afraid to answer either question. I may not be comfortable with the answers.

It is likely I could keep my office job but also possible that I could perform it from anywhere. But I also should look at other options just in case. And what would stop me?

Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of uncertainty. (even though I have it already) Fear of failure.

Yet there are so many example of people facing fear and winning. Some massive companies started in a garage. Fear was there and so was potential.

The truth is that those who survive the upcoming changes in how people earn a living will face fear and overcome it. They will be brave. They will survive.

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