Take help from Canva


Do you have little time. Do you need help in your business. Be smart and take help from Canva to make images and presentations. I do. Daily.

It feels like a spider

To run a business makes you feel like a spider. You are involved in many areas of your business and you time is probably chopped up into small pieces due to all the areas you have to be involved in.

A little bit of economy, a little bit of cliente support, a little bit of technology, a little bit of marketing, a little bit of law and reglulations and the list goes on. And it helps if you are good at it too. But no one can be all over and be on top of everything. I know. But you can be smart.

Take help from Canva

Take help from those who are good at what they do. I know what you are thinking. To outsource cost money. This is another story, listen... Today I like to give you a great tip. When it comes to layout I really enjoy it. I guess one of the reasons is; I use Canva !

To use Canva makes it easy to do images to my blogpost fast, fun and easy. I use them daily. On Canva you can do presentations, Facebook images, Instagram, and so many other things With their newsletter you can learn many things as well. Many images are free of charge and some cost 1 dollar. Check out Canva ! www.canva.com

Have a nice day


PS Today the blogpost is a short one but very useful. Tomorrow I will tell you about someone living the laptop lifestyle while traveling the world. I going to do the interview now. I´m so looking forward to it. If you like to read more blogpost from me, you can subscribe down below. See you tomorrow. Have to go. Bye. 

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