The Perfect Tripod: Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Engineering & Affiliate/Online Business

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How else can one best leverage an incoming dispensation for a freedom and flexible lifestyle?

Affiliate / Online Business complements the duo of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering as a Tripod that defines the incoming dispensation, that is fastly superceding the Information Age. Without mincing words, it is abundantly clear that the incoming age will consolidate both the humongous benefits and disadvantages of the expiring Information Age. But more importantly, we must never lose sight of the unemployment, anti social and other far reaching implications of all these and how all of them will impact individually and collectively the citizens of the World and globalized village.

Directionally, it is both valid and reasonable to anticipate and position to mitigate the negative effects of the inevitable realities, while utilizing,  leveraging and maximizing the opportunities. However, no one must play the ostrich as it must be acknowledged, many were only consumers while very few called the shots and were active players in the Information dispensation.  No doubt, much fewer will actively participate in the incoming dispensation. In effect, a great percentage of the World population will continue to be disadvantaged and incapacitated to make any useful contributions when it comes to science and technology of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering. But they will still continue to enjoy their consumer status, like before. The Affiliate and Online business has been around for some time and no doubt, it mutually complemented the giant strides of the Information Age. Because of the reasonable mastery of the art, which from all indications will continue to be enhanced by the new dispensation, it will hold more appeal to a much greater percentage of the people and if properly leveraged, can help to absorb or mitigate their costs of the other two. 

The strong message and unambiguous lesson learnt from the Information Age is, Affiliate & Online Businesses promote freedom and flexible lifestyle, facilitate commerce and real time business. They deliver unquantifiable benefits to smartly work less, earn more and enable people to have sufficient time for other precious assignments, including others, God and Community.

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Freedom & Flexible Lifestyle:

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