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Listening to my audio book The One Thing, I got super excited to test this for me a completely new method of planning. Normally, I do my lists to do. But how many times there are no ticks or crossing outs and instead of those I'm moving the specific tasks from my list to do today to my list to do tomorrow? 

Many times to count. For this reason, I was asking myself what is the more efficient tool to get more productive and better organised. I've been missing the inner feeling of fulfilment and completion for a while. 

And here it comes. One clever advice from the Universe itself.


What is it?

A very simple thing. You make an appointment with yourself so you can work on what really matters. You schedule a specific amount of time into your calendar to work on one the most important thing. You take yourself and your task seriously same as you would do with your client, your business meeting or your conference call. You devote time to yourself.

During this time you work on one thing that is the most important for you and finishing it or a part of it makes all the other things you have to do easier or unnecessary.

For example, for us, digital entrepreneurs, the thing number one is a building of the list. Our clients are our leads. So our priority is first to get our leads, then to be ready to provide them with the value. Something that will help them to solve their problems, something that helps them to overcome the struggles they are facing, something that makes them succeed. 

The best recommended time to time block your time for your one thing are the mornings. In the morning you are a Creator. Your willpower is the freshest, your energy levels are the highest, your distraction is lowest.

Moreover, it comes with a tiny shiny side benefit. You know that the most important task is completed. You get the answer for that inner calling for completion and fulfilment. You feel successful and the rest of the day you operate in the same mode.

In the afternoon you became a Manager. That's the ideal time to deal with emails, phone calls, meetings, anything that needs to be done on daily basis but is not a priority.

Finally, in the evening you focus on your time off and your planning for the next day, week or month and of course on the reviewing of your plans. To see if you follow your goals or if something needs to be updated.

In total, you time block 3 primary things:

  • Your Most Important Goal - the key activity 
  • Your Time Off - reset, rest and relax - the most important assets of success
  • Your Planning Time - what I can do now, today, tomorrow, next week, month, year

After a few days of testing TIME BLOCKING, I must admit it truly works. I work on my key activity, which is putting ads and creating the content first thing in the morning, then I switch off and reset with some kind of exercise. Later on, I deal with emails, planning, clients, coaching and my life, which includes family, friends and hobbies. A balance of everything. As I always believed. 

The last thing to do is to encourage you to do the same. Test TIME BLOCKING. See for yourself how it feels to be on the track and to be productive. 

And not to forget the last last thing. Adopting this mindset, you never fail:

"If you erase, you must replace!"

That's the best way to protect your time block. 

Have fun testing, practising and implementing the new tool and for more tips, ideas follow me on FB or check my website.

With love





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