5 Words To Find Out What Your Customer Needs

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To know what your customer needs, is key to any sale

The last article five days ago, never mentioned anything about what your customer needs. I mean, before even thinking about features and benefits, you must first figure out what your customer needs.

If you missed the previous article and the attached video, I highly recommend you to read and view it first. Click here, and you’ll be redirected to the article.

To know what your customer needs is actually the starting point of any professional sales process. If you are dealing with people you don’t know anything about, how should you approach them?

In the old traditional offline business where everything starts with a personal contact with the prospect, there is an easy way to get to know what your customer needs.


Sounds too simple, but that’s the truth. Asking questions deliver answers, and the answers will tell you what your customer needs….. if you ask the right questions.

The video in today's article will be very much about what to ask, and why to ask those questions.

In Online Marketing You Also Have To Know What Your Customer Needs


The difference between offline business and online business is that you never know on beforehand what your customer needs.

Therefore, the need analysis is somewhat different regarding where on the time line to launch the questions required.

As online business allows you to approach a much bigger audience without spending a dime, or at least at a very low cost, the pre-qualification of the audience is essential.

Other words used in the online environment is targeting, segmentation or definition of your audience.

The only difference is that you predefine the audience instead of finding your potential customers through questions. However, the same crucial question must be there.

Whatever method you’re using, the only way to know what your customer needs, is to ask.

Now, when you know how to find out what your customer needs, and how to transform feature into benefits, you should be ready to start your own business online and approach your potential customer like a pro.

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