The Fifth Power to Democracy

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The World is spinning faster and faster. The politicians set laws nobody can live up to as to a North star and direction to follow.  The Swedish librarian has just now recieved the thick book called "The fifth Statal Power." (Den femte Stads makten)   The book was released in beginning of october 2017 and is the results of reaserched of where the World is heading in terms of libraries in Sweden and around the World. The book toutches issues like what do we do with the result and find that the three most common questions in a library in Sweden is Where is the toilet? Have you got writers? Can you help me with my Ipad. 

So this investigation is highly interesting and describes on one hand how libraries must take another roll and on the other hand how important libraries really are in terms of democrocy. Today in media it is so easy to fake the present presentation as the knowledge and the history can keep an eye on what is really true and not. Trailer here 

Libraries in Sweden has got an extra 25 million crones to continue developing libraries integrating technology and internet. There are issues not understandable for example is that swedes read more and more books as e books but there is only 20 000 titles. The enterprise selling e books has a monopol not because they are best as they are closest to stick to the laws in terms of E book productions. That is as many areas today in the digital World the ideas are there, even the laws and direcctions but humans take their time to keep ut to date. 

Another area where there is more to ask for is schools say Hannika Oberg as a founder for Bbeabridge an ONG building bridges over the gap to the unknown future and lack of communication. "I´m a teacher as well and I have seen over and over again, teachers today should be able to have a level where it is integrated pedagogic teaching, technology and knowledge called TPack. This is far from true today and yet it should be a democratic right for youth to have the same ability in their learning. 

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