Trying to quit the ratrace ?

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Sometimes we can end up in negative circles at work with more work, sick leave, insomnia, dreaming of everything to stop, needing to ship the ratrace...

The present ratrace

I know the feeling, dream of a stressfree job. You dream to get home in time for your kids to be awake when you get home. Or for you to get home and have some time to wind down before you end up in bed, too tried to even think about anything else besides sleeping.

The energy is not endless but even so you try to move ahead during the time at work. The workload, the endless meetings, the understaffed situation. Everything is sucking energy out of you. And you are for sure not a fun person to be around ! I know I have been there.

Real life gives a hint

I like to give you a few examples of places I would not like to work at right now. It´s just examples of so, so many.

  • In Sweden the Police is trying to implement a new organization. It´s deifinitly not a good one. The staff is against the leadership due to this and some of the personal is working up to 80 hours instead of 40 per week. The Police orgnization is breaking the laws of working hours and working environment
  • The workload for social workers and especially dealing with children is so extreme that the local authorities in Sweden can´t head hunt personal. It´s just not attractive to apply these kind of jobs. This is due to both a large group now about to retire and leaving the employment market but also 2015 years huge refugee crisis with 163,000 people applying for asylum in Sweden. Sweden having a total population of approximately 9 million inhabitants. How much more money was added to this part of society, I am not sure- but it is a difference in workload !
  • Nurses and especially - specialized nurses are fleeing the hospitals, due to low pay and bad conditions in the working schedule.

None of these areas are private sector - so you have to include a lot more unsatisfied employeed. But the examples mentioned are usually caused by organizational changes and lack of additional money. But the personal employed, I wonder how they feel.

The change- the digital life

Beside frustration and ache in the body. Beside angry of broken dreams and outbursts at friends, family and co-workers. There are seeds inside everyone, I´m sure. Dreams of shaping a new enviornment and doing what you love. Taking back the power of time freedom. Work the hours YOU like and fullfill the dreams YOU have. It might be to move abroad, travel, write a book or spend more time with your friends and family. Your freedom- your choice.

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" At any given moment you have the power to say, this is not how the story is going to end "

Even if my examples are from Sweden. We are all humans. Trying to make a good life with positive relationships. The choice is always yours, I have only shown you mine. Wish you all the best with a life you have more control over.

Take care - Mikaela

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