Unleashing Inner Strength

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Unleashing Inner Strength

Unleash your inner strength! Everyone has specific ways in the power of meditation. My name is Kar-d. I am a first generation survivor of the Killing Fields raised on the island of Oahu. People often comment about certain things they have not done, fulfilled in there lives, too much to do with so little time, and last but not least...why should I try to adapt to evolving change. Truth is, change is what gives us that extra push of strength! That urge to do what it is we have to accomplish goals. From a simple gesture of kindness to going out of your way to help a person in need on the side of the road.

We are all living in this thought of today’s society that has mended us into thinking about what my friend calls “The brules”. The BS rules in life hold so much potential in us all that we are brainwashed into thinking that...go to college, find a job, make money, and be happy.

After working in the corporate business for more than 15 years I have finally opened my heart and realized that life is more than the brules. It’s about self-growth and our journey to happiness. If you would like to take a glimpse into how my life shifted just follow the link.



I hope that all of you searching for that unexplained power from within, find yourselves...



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