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Are you aware of your mental faculty to imagine? Or have you forgot how to use it? Like everything else, we have to practice to be good. Imagination creates fantasies. Fantasy is the first stage of creation in life. The ability you have to imagine - imagine and dream about how you want your world to be, is such a fascinating mental faculty. When we were children, we constantly used our imagination in the play we were involved in. Try to think back on the time were you played and how lively your fantasy was. Perhaps you were the unbeaten cowboy or the beautiful princess in the castle.

Isn´t it right, back then we could imagine everything possible! As we grow older, we forget to use this amazing mental faculty that we have in our conscious mind. We come to school and are constantly reminded of paying attention and listening – don´t daydream. But try to think of some examples where you have been focused and dedicated to an idea! How did you think about your idea? It could be a dream job, a new position, a new house, a journey or something entirely different. How often is your dream been realized?

Try to imagine what happens if you put one arm in a sling and the other one you train with heavy weights - what happens? Yes, you will clearly become really weak in the arm that is not in use - whereas the trained arm would be clearly marked with muscles and strength. It's just the same with your mental faculties, and the imagination is just one of them.

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality".

Earl Nightingale

You have the ability to plant a dream in your conscious mind and nourish it with repetition and feeling, and one day it will become your reality. Do not allow a single negative thought to ruin your dream! It sounds almost too good to be true - so there is no doubt that our usual way of thinking and acting will tell us that it may not be true. But that's right - you'll become what you think about! The quality of your inner dialogue is so incredibly important and you have the choice and the ability to take control.


Last year I took a very big decision to quit my good and stable management job and live my dream of becoming self-employed. It has been a ride with the roller coaster, but I feel so much alive. For each day to go, I become more and more aware and familiar with my new identity. I am deeply grateful for the freedom I have gained, while having an enormous faith and optimism in the future.

I want everybody who wants to get more out of life – GO FOR IT, believe in yourself and your own idea.

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