What Can You Do With An Online Education?

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There are more and more people starting online businesses and making money online than ever before.  The internet continues to open up new opportunities and being able to offer products and services all over the world from a laptop is something we must all get used to. An online education is the key to success but what can it do for you?

Like anything else in life, you have to know what you are doing to be successful online and getting an online education is the most important and fastest way to become successful.  If you went to university and studied law, the logical result of that would be to become a lawyer where you could specialise in different types of law.  Likewise if you studied medicine, you could become a doctor and then specialise in the different fields.  So what could  you achieve by investing in an online education?

A decent online education programme will teach you everything you need to know about marketing on the internet.    A good programme will give you training in the following:-

Finding a product or service

Building a website

Lead generation

How to use and advertise on all the social media channels


How to create and use good videos



Email Marketing

It doesn’t appear to be a huge list but within each category there are many many sub categories.  An online education is something you keep learning for life, you don’t just take a course and graduate.  You have to keep learning as the internet is changing all the time. 

So lets have a look at what you can actually do with these skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular online business.  Affiliate marketing is when you refer people to a product or service and get paid a commission for doing so.  There are millions of products and services out there that have affiliate programmes.  Finding products with a high level of commission is by far the best way.  For example to make $100000 a year marketing a product with a $1000 commission would mean you would have to find  100 customers per year as against if your product paid a commission of $50 you would need to find 2000 customers.  You have to remember that there will be a cost for your advertising which has to be taken off your income.

Fulfillment by Amazon

The FBA business model allows you to use Amazon’s distribution network and customer base. Amazon will warehouse your products, fulfill orders and even provide customer service so you don’t have to be hands-on with every aspect of the business.

You can focus on finding product opportunities while Amazon handles the rest on your behalf.  You can easily increase your product range without significantly increasing your workload.


Setting up workshops and training local businesses on the various aspects of marketing their business online.  Social media is a great one for workshops as you’d be surprised at just how many small businesses have no idea how to even start advertising with social media.

Online Courses

You can put together online courses and sell them online.  There is a more work involved in this than with affiliate marketing as you have to be able to fulfill the orders , take the payment and have customer service in place.  However there is clearly a bigger profit than from affiliate marketing.  There are also companies that you can outsource your customer service and technical support to.

Virtual Assistant

More and more entrepreneurs are using virtual assistants.  You could market yourself as a virtual assistant and promote which ever skills you are most accomplished at and enjoy. Whether that is video editing, blogging, voice overs, managing marketing campaigns, graphic design, researching for content etc.  Any of the skills you have learned you can do for others.  As a virtual assistant you join one of many companies who offer virtual assistants and when someone puts in an order for a specific task you can quote for it.

Website Designer 

Website design is something that is much sought after as although it is fairly easy most small businesses do not have the time nor the inclination to do it themselves.

Marketing Consultant

As a marketing consultant you can charge fees from companies to manage their marketing.  The more you can master a subject the better.  Most small businesses neither have the skills nor the man power to be able to market their businesses effectively.  They will be happy to pay someone to successfully market their business online.

As you will see there is a huge amount of opportunity in the digital economy to create a lifestyle with time and financial freedom.  You no longer have to trade your time for money as happens in the traditional working environment.

However the one thing you must do is get the right education.  The right education together with hard work and the right mental attitude will make the difference between success and failure.

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